Coworking Spaces for Parents (Tips for Child-friendly Environments)


Opening a child-friendly coworking location may become the next milestone in the development of your business. Read on to know why.

Being a working mom myself, I have experienced all the happy moments as well as challenges of building a career while raising a kid. I am sure most of the parents will agree that family growth moves professional ambitions to the background.

Not all moms can afford/choose to quit their jobs.

Among married-couple families with children, 97.4 percent had at least one employed parent, and 63.0 percent had both parents employed. Among families maintained by fathers, 84.2 percent of fathers were employed in 2018, a greater share than 74.1 percent of employed mothers in families maintained by mothers.

U.S. Department of Labor Statistics

However, working in a traditional office with rigid schedule can hardly be called the best solution for parents who don't want to miss a thing of their offspring growth. Taking a kid to the office is not allowed. Daycare facilities are rather expensive, what's more, some toddlers suffer from stress when they have to part with mom.

Family coworking spaces let caring parents balance their work and life, keep strong bonds with their youngsters, and build a career.

Coworking Spaces with Childcare

Family coworking spaces are taking the workspace culture to the next level. They preserve the best components of a conventional coworking hub supplementing it with a childcare aspect. Childcare may differ in different coworking spaces. Some may offer traditional daycare model, babysitting, and so on.

Anyway, child-friendly coworking spaces give freelancers and entrepreneurs a great opportunity to achieve their dream work-life balance.

Main child-friendly coworking spaces benefits are:

Special Amenities at Child-friendly Coworking Spaces

It goes without saying that a child-friendly coworking space should have some specific facilities that differentiate it from a traditional coworking space. Here is a brief recap of them:

Tips for Family-friendly Coworking Space Owners

If you are thinking to make your existing coworking space kid-friendly, or open a brand-new location offering babysitting, here are some essentials to consider.

The Best Child-friendly Coworking Spaces from All Over the Globe

You already know a lot of details on running a family coworking business. It's time to get some inspiration from others' success stories. In this section, I am going to feature some of the coworkings with daycare located all over the globe.

Big and Tiny

This child-friendly coworking space has two studios — Santa Monica and Silver Lake (Los Angeles.)

Big and Tiny is a unique space for families that caters community’s entire way of living: social, educational, professional and wellness. It's a place to create, learn, meet, play, work, unwind and interact. The spaces are mindfully designed so you can work in the front with easy access to the play area or head to the quiet area at the back when you need more focus.

Cango Cowork & Play

Space is located in Santiago, Chile. It was started by a working mom who knows everything about the challenges of raising kids and building a career. She believes that caring for children cannot be an impediment to fulfill dreams, achieve goals or feel fulfilled professionally. That is why she created Cango Cowork, a flexible space that allows mompreneurs to work and be present in the most important stage of their children's development.

The Workaround

This parent-friendly workspace is located in Toronto, Canada. Workaround aims to provide a friction-free experience that takes the struggle out of parents' working days. They provide same-day, hourly high-quality childcare along with part-time and full-day options while parents work onsite. Their early education program is built and managed by Registered Early Childhood Educators whose goal is to expand early childhood education to more families without the high cost.

Work and Play

Space is located in South Orange, New Jersey, United States. At Work and Play, managers are trying to make things a little bit easier to help parents live a happy imperfect life, where the key is not trying to balance it all, but rather, to find the right INbalance that works for them.

Coworking Toddler

The workspace welcomes freelancers with kids in Berlin, Germany. Coworking Toddler thinks about childcare in a whole new way, and at last, makes the dream of combining family and career a reality. With this child-friendly coworking space, parents can focus on their work in a professional environment, while they take the very best care of their little ones right next door in a childcare space, where they create a truly unique educational experience.

Third Door Coworking & Nursery

This coworking with daycare is located in London, UK. The Third Door coworking space is a fully equipped, modern and bright workspace for parents and non-parents alike. They bring together a collaborative community of working parents and passionate childcare professionals, who believe that work and family can grow together.

Your Turn

I guess it's time to roll up my narration and listen to you. Is your coworking space child-friendly or are you just thinking to transform it into the one? What concerns stop you from going ahead?

Please ask more questions or share your own family coworking tips in the comments.

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