Automate your coworking space to save time and earn more

andCards software will make people love your coworking space: stay longer and easily book facilities.

Coworking Space Directory

Build a business network for your coworking space residents.

  • Let coworkers easily discover each other through instant search and member directory.
  • Increase customer retention: people like to hang around their friends.
  • Communicate to your residents efficiently using push notifications instead of emails.
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Events & Networking

Create events to foster networking at your coworking space.

  • Easily promote your events to all users of andCards at no extra cost.
  • Invite people and collect RSVP by sharing a simple link.
  • Improve your future events by analyzing event statistics.
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Effective Booking System

Focus on more important tasks: while andCards automates your coworking space.

  • Organize your work with andCards all-in-one coworking space management software.
  • Automate meeting room booking system with IoT smart locks.
  • Increase coworking space utilization and reduce costs by analyzing usage statistics.
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