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Enable Flow to instantly acquire debit or credit cards right inside the app. Turn on 'Card' payment method for:

  • Meeting room booking page.
  • Invoice payment page.

With Flow you can receive payments quickly and securely through:

  • Webpay Plus - Credit and debit cards.
  • One Pay - Electronic wallet to pay with bank credit cards, without entering card details each time.
  • Multicaja - Cash payment by means of face-to-face payment coupon, for unbanked customers.
  • CryptoCompra - Payment by crypto currency.

Flow payments work in-app without requiring to install another app. To enable the integration, have your API keys ready: https://www.flow.cl/app/web/misDatos.php

Card payment for meeting room reservation in andcards coworking space software

Flow payments in andcards coworking space software

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