Automate meeting room booking, free hour credits and payments

Built and maintained by andcards

Automate meeting room booking at your coworking space. Prevent overbooking and accidental booking deletions, remind members about upcoming bookings with push notifications, and ensure equal and even access to meeting space. Credit system enables a fully automated free hour allocation to save branch manager’s time.

  • Reduce meeting room booking conflicts and overlaps to 0 — andcards does not allow booking overlap.
  • Reduce abandoned bookings with push notifications with reminders of booking start and finish.
  • Earn more by enabling effortless debit or credit cards in-app payments.
  • Book using mobile apps for iOS and Android.
  • Easily find and book meeting rooms in other branches of the network.
  • Synchronize bookings with personal calendar (Google, Outlook, Apple).
  • Manage bookings: admin can book on behalf of any member, view and edit bookings, set minimum and maximum booking length, booking step.
  • Simple and beautiful user interface with room photos and familiar calendar.

Meeting Room Display

Find available meeting room without even opening booking system. Look around the space to see room availability at a distance. Make impression on prospective coworking space customers with real time schedule at a meeting room door. Signal colors for room availability for easy reading at a distance: green (available now), yellow (available soon), red (unavailable).

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Coworking Booking System Meeting Room Display

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