Top 6 Coworking Spaces in Ukraine


According to Forbes, Ukraine is one of the best-kept secrets of Silicon Valley. Why not go and check Ukraine out for yourself? It's conveniently located in Europe, offers a breathtaking diversity of cultures, people, nature, and is super light on your pocket. Best of all, Ukraine has many great coworking spaces, so you don't have to sacrifice your work. Whether you're a freelancer, digital nomad or entrepreneur, you need a quiet and comfortable workspace. To help you with that, andcards selected the best coworking spaces in Ukraine's every major city.

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Creative Quarter, Kyiv

Photo by Creative Quarter

Having decided to visit Ukraine, you'll most likely start with Kyiv, a beating heart of the country. One of the largest cities in Europe, Kyiv offers a massive choice of coworking spaces all around. Although the town is famous for its 1000-year old architecture marvels, you'll want something a bit more modern for your workspace. Enter Creative Quarter — a beautiful coworking space in downtown Kyiv. It's located in Pechersk, a central business district of the capital city. In fact, it's more than just a coworking space: Creative Quarter offers everything a thriving business might need from hiring, accounting, legal support to payroll. It's very English-friendly and has friendly community managers that organize great wine parties. Guaranteed, you'll love to work and hang out at Creative Quarter!

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iHUB, Lviv

Photo by iHUB

Your second best destination in Ukraine is Lviv, commonly referred to as the "pearl of Europe." The city is located in Western Ukraine near the border with Poland, connected to Kyiv by a high-speed train. Lviv's architecture, selection of restaurants, and, most importantly, prices do not disappoint. You're most likely to stay in the center of the city, where you'll find iHUB coworking space. iHUB has friendly staff and many foreign residents, so you'll always have a company to enjoy their free coffee. If you want to expand your local business network, do check out iHUB's events, which are entirely free for residents. iHUB has multiple branches all over Ukraine, and you can use your membership benefits on a business trip to other cities.

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Passage Interdit, Lutsk

Photo by Passage Interdit

Lutsk is a famous Ukrainian city for tourists, thanks to its cozy historic old town and Lubart's Castle that looks like straight out of the Witcher game series. Apparently, it's not all about history in Lutsk. Prepare to be amazed by a newly opened Passage Interdit coworking space. The space has an impressive mid-century modern interior design, full of light, space, and shine. There are many zones for work, conference room and phone booth, and a kitchen zone. If you need to wake up with a burst of adrenaline, lie down in a fun hammock right above the lounge zone.

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Terminal 42, Odesa

Photo by Terminal 42

Odesa (also known as Odessa) is widely known for its beautiful downtown, a giant stairway, warm-water beaches, and parties. Odesa is also called the "pearl of the Black Sea." In summer you can enjoy the city to the fullest, and when you take a break from enjoying the city, check out Terminal 42 coworking space. Located in downtown, the space has a spacious hall covered by a slanted roof. Inside you will find a comfortable work environment, friendly community, freshly barista-brewed coffee, and somewhat reasonable prices.

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Coworking 365, Dnipro

Photo by Coworking 365

Dnipro (until 2016 called Dnipropetrovsk) city is Ukraine's fourth largest city and a business hub. Only 6 hours away from Kyiv by high-speed train, the city is one of the critical centers of Ukraine's various industries, especially IT. The skyline of the city is very modern, with many high rise buildings dominated by the twin towers. Dnipro recently made headlines with its ambitious plans to contract world class Zaha Hadeed and Foster architects for its new landmark buildings. If you don't want to miss out on the rebirth of the city, we got an excellent workspace recommendation for you — Coworking 365 space. It's bright space is just across the road from "MOST" shopping mall and a walking distance from Europe's most extended river bank.

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Branch, Kharkiv

Photo by Branch

The first thing Kharkiv locals will tell you is how the city was once a communist capital of Ukraine. Although the city isn't a political center anymore, the short-lived capital status signifies just how important the city is, especially in the airspace, electronics, military machinery, science, and technology. Besides, Kharkiv, also known as Kharkov, is a home to the constructivist architecture marvel — a world-famous Derzhprom building. If you're in town, check out Branch coworking space — a place that perfectly matches the modern vibes of Kharkiv. Right at the entrance, you'll be greeted by a beautiful neon sign. The interior's industrial-inspired design theme doesn't distract from work, while sound-isolated meeting rooms will be convenient to join your company call.

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