5 Free Coworking Spaces in Seoul


Tired of being trapped in the same office with the same people? There is an alternative for you — a coworking space. What is a coworking space? — you may ask. Coworking space is where you can get work done on your own terms, surrounded by a community of like-minded professionals. Coworking is a growing trend nowadays, and many nice spaces are opening up around Seoul. To try a coworking space, you don't need to pay, as there are many free options. Read on for some of our most favorite spots to enjoy a vibrant community and get some work done, completely free!

Seoul Startup Hub

Coworking space in Seoul Startup Hub provides 234 seats on the first two floors on first come, first served basis. However, the atmosphere is not cramping at all due to spacious and bright interior. You can find regular desks as well as something more fancy like an area with small couches in front of a whiteboard to brainstorm your ideas. On the second floor there is an area with a playful steel slide, egg chairs, and cone couches. Essentially, you most certainly can find a corner for your own taste.

At the same time, you should be ready that everything is in Korean language, and staff has a somewhat limited English skills, so it might be hard to navigate the gigantic space. However, the fact that it's free, spacious and full of interesting corners, well outweights any possible discomfort that may be caused by lack of English signs.

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HongHap Valley

Located a few blocks away from Hongkik subway station, HonghapValley offers coworking space for aspiring startups and entrepreneurs in the area, but if you are just passing by this coworking space still has a lot to offer. HonghapValley is a community space supported by Seoul City Government.

🏡 Community space? What other types of coworking spaces are there?

This space has an urbanistic cafe design. It is much quieter, however, than an average cafe in Seoul. There is fast and speedy wireless internet. It is also a great deal since HonghapValley offers americano, latte, and tea for free to fuel your creative engine. They staff is friendly and can help you print and copy your documents with no extra fee.

HonghapValley is humble in size and roughly can fit 20-30 people with laptops. However, it is not busy and usually only half-occupied. HonghapValley also holds several events per month including educational lectures for startups and networking breakfasts. During those hours it is unavailable for coworking, so make sure you visit their website to plan your schedule accordingly.

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Google's Campus Seoul

For those who consider visiting Campus, the first step would be registering at the Campus’ webpage. After that, you can pick up your key at the reception and become a member of the Google’s Campuses around the world.

Campus Seoul has three zones: Garden, Event Area, and Coworking Cafe. There is also a separate area for startups accelerated by Campus Seoul.

Cafe area strikes attention with a variety of extravagant light sources, exciting design elements, plants, and a great playlist. Drinks and snacks are affordable, especially for the Gangnam area (expensive business area in Seoul). If you want to work at the cafe, try to arrive earlier, as it is a popular area with minimal seats. Deep into the coworking, you will find call rooms that you can reserve at the spot 📋, which isn't as convenient as booking with a meeting room booking app.

Overall there are around 100 seats, so it's spacious and full of friendly people. If you are short on budget or just looking for a quick working spot, check out Campus Seoul.

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Zero Gravity Zone G-valley

Sponsored by the Seoul Metropolitan Government, Zero Gravity Zone is a completely free coworking space and coworking cafe. This space has everything you need to escape the gravity of society and recharge. Kitchen area, multiple resting zones, privacy corners, and even a sleeping area — all these will help you not only work but also take some rest. If you need to have a meeting, there is a meeting room at an incredibly affordable rate, as well as friendly staff ready to help you in need.

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Located a few blocks away from the Gangnam station, UOwork is a solid pick among coworking spaces in the area. It has 200 seats for various types of working styles and offers three types of memberships, depending on your budget and stage of development. The prices are comparable with other coworking spaces in the area, but here’s a pro tip: ask for a promotional discount in person and they’ll offer you a special price. UOwork also gives you a free trial 24 hours pass.

At first UOwork can feel like a maze, but after 30 minutes it becomes oddly familiar and seems well organized, with enough private and hot desk areas. There is also a lounge with kitchen area, phone booths, meeting rooms, conference rooms and a large balcony space.

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