andcards Handbook

The purpose of this document is to share company values and working culture.

⏰Last updated: January 23rd, 2020.

Who We Are


Make coworking spaces more cool and efficient.


A workspace is more that rooms and desks. It's an ecosystem of people, space, and value-added services, powered by technology. In the future, there will be no workspaces in a traditional sense. There will be on-demand digital workspace ecosystems that offer all kinds of services to mobile workers of the future.


💎 Perfectionist — completing work to the highest standards of quality.

❤️ Empathetic — genuinely caring about each other and customers.

🧠 Responsible — caring about work and deeply understanding its goal.

💬 Transparent — work and communicate openly.

✋ Honest — acknowledge problems and find solutions openly.


Co-founders Igor & Ross both worked in a traditional corporation. In 2017, they started working on their first startup. They discovered coworking spaces and were impressed by the additional services: café, device lab, meeting rooms. They realized that as more people choose remote work, and companies move their staff to coworking spaces, the traditional office is evolving. So they went on a quest to build a digital platform for coworking spaces, the future of offices. andcards turns coworking spaces into digital ecosystems that live in pockets of coworking space members.


andcards is a coworking space management software service. It is available as a mobile and web app, as well as white-label.

What makes us different

🧩 Integrations — andcards is not trying to build every possible feature. We offer best-in-class native space and services booking. Everything else comes off as integration. We believe that in the age of software specialization, it's impossible to build all-in-one software that lives to the high expectations of consumers. We focus on what we do best and build as many integrations as possible to become a launchpad of all services coworking space has.

📲 Mobility — andcards comes with highly acclaimed native mobile apps. First, they're not only for members but also for community managers to manage space on the go. Second, they are fully native: material on Android and human interface design on iOS. Third, we update the weekly, even white-label apps (check out update history on app stores). Finally, andcards apps are the highest rated with a 4.7-star rating on app stores.

📕 Services — andcards offers a platform for all value-added services of coworking space. It starts with space booking and community platform. It continues with a catalog of perks and benefits, mentoring and office hour application systems, and even event applications — all in a pocket of coworking space members.

Company Identity

We developed a unique andcards brand identity that is composed of several elements:

All brand elements are public and downloadable on andcards Brand Portal on Lingo. Make sure to apply them accurately and consistently to transcend our brand principles.

If you need screenshots, you can download them on andcards Resources on Figma page.

How We Work


English (U.S.) is the official language for all andcards internal written and verbal communications. One-on-one internal written communications are also in English because sometimes it's necessary to forward a conversation. Use of another language is only allowed in the following cases:

Tools & Tips

We use a variety of software tools and services to work. When you sign up for team services, make sure to include:

G Suite

Google account is for team productivity. We use it mainly for:


Slack is our main communication tool. Join it using your G Suite account and fill in details in your profile. Tips to get the most out of Slack:


Trello is our core project management tool. Here are some tips on how we use it:


Pipedrive is our main sales and marketing tool. Get the most out of Pipedrive:


Engineering Tech Stack

We use modern JS version and following development tools to build our products:

andcards Backend

andcards Frontend

The most up-to-date andcards technology stack is on Stackshare.

Engineering Software Stack

Tool Team
Github Developers
AWS Developers
Google Play Store Developers
App Store Connect Developers
Sentry Developers
Hiptest Testers

Marketing & Sales

Marketing efforts focus on popularizing coworking space concept around the world. A sales process is designed to create value for customers through andcards products, and in return get a transaction.

Marketing Outline

Business Software Stack

Tool Team
Pipedrive Sales
Intercom Sales
Stripe Sales
Mailchimp Marketing
Notion Everyone
Google Analytics Everyone
Facebook Marketing
LinkedIn Marketing
Kakao Plus Friends Marketing
Naver Blogs Marketing

Sales Process

You can read more about our sales process in Sales & Marketing Playbook.


Everybody wants to improve wellbeing, to grow professionally and to realize personal goals. At the same time, we should be mindful of our company's health and growth. Personal welfare should be balanced with team achievements, and reflect the company situation. To promote transparency and honesty in andcards, and to explain to you about your benefits, welfare and future opportunities, we designed this employee compensation system.

Employment Contract

We care about you and want to give you stable employment with encouraging and reasonable compensation. After a 2-3 month test period, you will sign a 1-year contract. Think of the contract between andcards and you as a win-win partnership in which you together with other team members put all energy towards achieving company goals, and receive a portion of company wealth in return.

Salary Formula

For the product team, the formula for calculating your personal compensation is as follows:

the base + loyalty bonus + performance bonus + profit-sharing bonus

For sales team, the formula is different:

the base + sales performance bonus + customer success + profit sharing bonus

For all others, it's:

the base + profit-sharing bonus

Below, we explain each variable in detail.

Base Salary

This is your basic monthly income. The amount depends on: (a) a number of years of relevant work experience, and (b) industry-specific income level in your country. This is a current base compensation table:

Years of Work Experience 🇺🇦 Engineering 🇺🇦 QA
No experience $400 $350
1 year $800 $550
2 years $1200 $800
3 years $1650 $1100
4 years $2100 $1400
5 years $2550 $1700
6 years $3000 $2000

All figures are in USD before taxes. The base compensation is updated once a year by the board of directors, with data from public sources (for example,

Sales representatives have an additional bonus — 100% of the second month’s payment of every closed contract, without any cap or limit.

Loyalty Bonus

The longer you work for andcards, the more you earn. The formula for calculating your monthly loyalty bonus is simple:

monthly baseyears at andcards% loyalty rate

Currently, the loyalty rate is 3%. For example, if you're an engineer who worked at andcards for 6 years, your monthly loyalty bonus will be:

3,000,000 ∗ 6 ∗ 3% = 540,000

The loyalty bonus is given every month together with your compensation transfer during an active contract. The rate is determined by the board of directors and can be increased or decreased depending on the company situation.

Performance Bonus

Your performance matters. If you work hard and achieve good results, we will recognize your achievements with a monthly performance bonus. The amount is as follows:

Grade The Amount Criteria
Bronze 🥉 - All personal tasks and goals achieved successfully
Silver 🥈 +5% You excelled at your tasks and overachieved all goals
Gold 🥇 +10% Your results are breathtaking and deserve to be celebrated company-wide

The specific personal tasks and goals are set with each of you individually during an interview with your supervisor. The supervisor will also assess your performance within the term specified in your contract, and inform the grade to you and finance manager.

This performance bonus is given every month together with your compensation transfer during an active contract. The rate is determined by the board of directors and can be increased or decreased depending on the company situation.

Profit Sharing Bonus

How well you work in a team and your efforts towards overall company success will also impact your compensation. Your interaction with others, the synergies you create, help our company become more efficient, and earn more profits. Here's the formula:

% of company profits / total employees = your profit-sharing bonus

Currently, we set the total budget for a team performance bonus as 5% of total profits. For example, if our company has 7 employees and we make a pure profit of ₩140,000,000, then each employee can receive 140,000,000∗5%/7=1,000,000 won.

The percentage of total profits is determined by the board of directors and depends on actual profits. Obviously, if we have no profits, then your bonus is equal to zero. In essence, the profits are total revenues minus total expenses. If we want to maximize the team bonus, we should all strive to decrease unnecessary company expenses and contribute to increasing sales revenue.

Our company lives on a different calendar called a "fiscal year," which is similar to a regular calendar year. Each company sets a fiscal year-end — a day when our profits for the past year are calculated. The profit-sharing bonus is given once on a fiscal year-end. Note that in order to receive a profit-sharing bonus, you need to work for andcards for at least 6 months before the fiscal year-end day, and have an active contract as of the fiscal year-end day. If you breach your employment contract or terminate it before it ends, you will not receive this bonus.

Example Calculation

Here's an example for a software engineer who worked for andcards for 4 years after graduating from a university. Every month, the engineer will receive base + loyalty + performance compensation. The compensation following the fiscal year-end will include a profit-sharing bonus. Assuming individual performance as silver grade and company's total profits of ₩140,000,000, the compensation would be:

2,100,000 + (2,100,000 ∗ 3% ∗ 4) + (2,100,000 ∗ 10%) = 2,562,000 (monthly) + 1,000,000 (once)

Stock Options

The benefits of working with andcards do not stop at your monthly compensation. We want to share with you the company itself. If you want to participate in ESOP ("Employee Share Ownership Plan"), you will get an option to purchase company stock at a fixed (and usually very low) price. Once our company increases its value, a few years later you can sell this stock with a huge profit margin. Reach out to Igor for information on shares outstanding and the most recent valuations.

Work/Life Balance

Unlimited Day Off

Maintaining a good work/life balance is essential to a happy life. We give unlimited days off allowances and encourage everyone to take time off. Yes, it’s truly unlimited and no questions asked. Taking some rest and refreshing minds helps to recharge batteries and come back to work more prepared than ever!

Unlimited Remote

We encourage you to work remotely from a coworking space. Every team member has unlimited remote hours. Make sure you have a reliable internet connection capable of a Google Meet video call and a distraction-free environment.


We are against all forms of harassment based on gender, age, nationality, sexual orientation, race, social status, and any other factor. If you feel like you've been discriminated against or witnessed discrimination, contact Igor or Ross for assistance.