서울시 강남구 역삼로 180

Micimpact studio is coworking space located on the first floor of widely known around Seoul startup incubator maru180. It has roughly 80 seats with two main areas: cafe and quiet room. Despite being not as huge as some other coworking spaces at Seoul, it has a nice balance between two areas and doesn't feel overwhelming even at the busiest hours. It is really easy to access Micimpact studio since they offer a day pass for less than 10 bucks. You can work at any seat you prefer as well as enjoy unlimited coffee and tea. And if you get hungry or craving something fancier the Americano, you can order them at the cafe. Micimpact also offers monthly memberships with extra benefits like a device room with a total of 32 Android and Apple devices of different generations to test your app performance. Members also have a discount for orders at the cafe, benefits with renting meeting rooms and unlimited access to the printing facility.

Hot desk
Fixed desk
Meeting room