홍합밸리 Honghap Valley
서울특별시 마포구 동교동 ANT빌딩 1층
홍합밸리 Honghap Valley

Located few block away from Hongkik subway station, HonghapValley offers coworking space for aspiring startups and entrepreneurs in the area. It is free to use for all who register at their webpage due to the support of Seoul Metropolitan Government. This space has an urbanistic cafe design, however, it is much quieter than your average cafe in Seoul and with fast and stable WiFi speed. And it was definitely a better deal since HonghapValley offers americano, latte, and tea for free to fuel your creative engine. They also can help you print and copy your documents with no extra fee. HonghapValley is humble in size and roughly can fit 20-30 people with laptops. However, it is not busy and usually only half-occupied. HonghapValley also holds several events per month including educational lectures for startups and networking breakfasts. During those hours it is unavailable for coworking, so make sure you visit their website to plan your schedule accordingly.

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