Why Automate Meeting Room Booking at a Coworking Space?


The use of meeting room coworking spaces has been all the rage these days and from a work culture perspective, can be described as nothing short of revolutionary.

Thanks to coworking spaces, freelancers as well as small to mid-sized businesses now have a cost-effective alternative to conventional office spaces that can be tailored to one's needs and finances.

That said, this "Space As a Service" industry (or Spaas as it is often called) is not without its' share of challenges. For one thing, the absence of a dedicated space means that people who use coworking spaces are not always sure whether a shared room will be available for upcoming meetings or training sessions. Workers and businesses can end up losing money and miss out on opportunities that are otherwise within reach. This is where the strategic use of management software come in!

The significance of using coworking management software for managers and coworkers

To better understand the value that coworking management software has to offer, it would be best to take a good hard look at what goes on inside a coworking space that lacks such a software. In a traditional setting, users will have to speak to a manager before they can access the shared amenities. As you might have already realized, this setup can result in a myriad of potential problems which include the following:

When you consider the scenarios mentioned above, it is clear that coworking spaces ought to look into a better and more efficient way of managing and streamlining the use of coworking spaces. That is precisely what a coworking management software does and is a big boon for users and managers alike.

For managers/business proprietors

Managers can make good use of coworking management software like the one we offer here at andcards to organize reservations, keep track of peak hours and monitor the use of multiple meeting rooms all at once through an integrated analytics tool. Such information can prove valuable in planning the day to day operations of a coworking business.

Notable advantages for managers of coworking spaces include the following:

For Coworkers

Of course, coworking management software is not only for managers and business proprietors but is as equally helpful to coworkers/users. For one thing, it makes it easier for members to check which meeting room is available at a specific time and date. Coworkers can then book the meeting room through the system according to their schedule without having to speak to a manager. Many of the best coworking facilities in the world today have no onsite staff and are fully automated.

Some coworking management software can also remind users to confirm or make changes to their meeting room reservations as necessary. This helps ensure that no details are overlooked and that everyone has the opportunity to be as productive as possible so long as users aptly communicated their needs through the management software.

Management is the key

Whatever advantages you might have heard about using a coworking space is only true if the shared facilities are adequately managed. The old school approach of leaving everything in the hands of a manager might be okay for a small startup coworking space. However, as business ramps up and more workers rely on your shared facilities to get things done, you will need a better and more reliable approach that only the likes of our coworking space management software can provide.

Alright, I'm convinced! What's next?

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