Small and comfy coworking spaces in Seoul for freelancers

The difference between coworking spaces impresses. As we detail in our article "What Is a Coworking Space?" there are many kinds of coworkings: shared offices, mixed spaces, accelerators, incubators, community spaces, etc. Sometimes it can be hard to figure out what you need especially for a freelancer, who wants to escape from home routine and find a great workspace atmosphere without distraction. 🧘‍ All you need is a comfy chair, a pleasant environment and good people around. For such people, andcards prepared a digest of coworking spaces in Seoul which are perfect for a freelancer or a small team to work.


MY WORKSPACE 2 is located right next to the Gangnam subway station exit No. 1 an has a stunning view over busy streets of the Gangnam district. The atmosphere is quite light and relaxing, with soft music playing in the background and friendly staff who is ready to help. The MY WORKSPACE 2 coworking does belong to the same network of coworking spaces as MY WORKSPACE 3 mentioned in our top coworking spaces in Korea article.

This coworking space pays a lot of attention to the needs of its customers. Since the most of them are Korean, who prefer their own space and maintaining privacy, MY WORKSPACE 2 is mainly composed of small offices and a handful of fixed seats. Such a modest size is not a disadvantage for members as there is less rotation of random people who might visit one of your neighbors.


Final Notes

The place is humble in size and reflects Korean style of coworking that doesn’t have large open coworking areas. The location is for those who need a small and straightforward office in the Gangnam area for a reasonable price without the need to put a great lease.

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Located near Sadang station, DAIR coworking space is an incredibly well designed and cozy space. Its interior is dominated by white colors, and divided into several zones. Upon entrance, you will see a coworking area with many hot desks that is also good for events. Interestingly, the reception desk doubles as a coffee bar with an espresso machine.

Inside you can also find several editing rooms with iMacs, and studio room with all kinds of broadcasting equipment. DAIR offers media startups or just about any visitor an opportunity to record and broadcast high quality podcasts, live streams, and online seminars.

Perhaps one of the best things about DAIR is its proximity to Sadang station, a transport hub connecting northern and southern Seoul. You can easily travel anywhere


Final Notes

If you are a digital nomad, who wants to visit Seoul and South Korea, check out DAIR. Here you will a cozy and home-like atmosphere with a coworking area and cafe.

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Peachtree Yeoksam

This cozy and homely coworking space is locked a few minutes of walking from Yeoksam subway station. Equipped with all the necessary things, PeachThree at Yeoksam is a good solution for those who look for a hot desk with fast WiFi and quiet atmosphere.

For a very reasonable price, you get access to a amenities that are irreplaceable at a good coworking space: unlimited access to a meeting room, a kitchen area where you can store, warm up and eat your lunch, a coffee machine to get a boost of energy. Also, there are affordable lockers and 20-inch monitors.

There is not a lot of focus on networking at PeachThree Yeoksam. People come here to get their job done. However, if you are looking for somebody with a specific skill set, you could ask a community manager here. They will introduce you to a coworker. And it seems that this is a way a lot of Koreans prefer to get connected.


Final Notes

PeachTree at Yeoksam station would be a practical solution for a lot of developers in the area. The space has a peaceful and productive atmosphere with stuff that is ready to solve your problems.

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