How to Develop Community at a Coworking Space


Coworking space can be a great platform for creating an atmosphere where people can have great free time as well as spend working hours effectively. The main task for a coworking space manager is nurturing community and developing the feeling of partnership and belonging to this community among users. And this is the moment when you need a bunch of advice on how to develop strong community at a coworking space. Let’s talk more about it and how to use coworking software to support community management and develop relations inside coworking space.

What’s Going On With Coworking Space Communities Now

According to the Global Coworking Survey and the Coworking Forecast, infrastructure and the growing number of coworking spaces with innovations in them are not the only reason why coworkers choose these places. People who attend coworking spaces for work, events or negotiations with clients and partners appreciate the feeling of being a part of the larger group, being a member of a creative community. Among other factors experts like Ravi Kaneriya, Head of Asia, Social Engagement Team, World Economic Forum Geneva points out the necessity to create new social bonds and stimulate creativity within groups.

Strong communities stay the main source of support for both professional and personal development as well as nurturing collaboration and new projects. According to the World Economic Forum blog, strong communities are based on a number of components:

How The Practices of Strong Communities Can Be Introduced To Coworking Spaces

Your coworking space can become strong as a business unit only if it integrates in an existing entrepreneurial community which has already established in your neighborhood.

To introduce community practices to your coworking space you should start with enabling flexibility of communications. Some coworking spaces try to grow their community online via Facebook groups, pages or even separate hashtags in Instagram. A variety of chats is also used — but it can be a tough task because different people use different messengers and apps for a regular communication. Besides there is a challenge of discovering the exact people who use the services of a particular coworking space.

This is the moment when andcards Suite can help you in starting a unified communication platform for both coworking space managers and residents. With the Feed option you can introduce communication and announcements which can be seen inside an app of your coworking space. And don’t forget: the app for a coworking space can be branded as White-Label Product, so it’s a unified tool to book meeting rooms, to control membership payments and to communicate. Also the Feed can be used by the new coworking space members to introduce themselves so that new faces are immediately welcomed by all who are residents of your space.

Another feature which can be used is Directory in andcards Suite. It can help managers of your coworking space in discovering and managing coworking space customers in one place. You can view all individuals and team accounts in Excel-like table. This feature allows tracking membership plans, payments, and booking history of each customer as well as send messages to them.

Both these tools can be used to nurture the community via constant communication and organizing events or making announcements as well as preparing ground for moving online interactions to offline meetings and shared events. And as we’ve mentioned above, shared culture is vitally important for a strong community. Let’s find out how this can be performed — and why your coworking space manager should become a community concierge as well.

Prepare Your Coworking Manager To Be A Community Concierge

After introducing online tools for communication you should consider making your coworking space manager a coworking concierge. In a well-managed space like yours such people are usually the first touch-point for the newly coming customers. Concierge should willingly give a prospect customer a tour of the whole place as well as introduce newly residents to other people in this coworking space.

But remember: becoming a new member in a coworking space can be a bit overwhelming event. So that’s the main reason why your coworking space manager also should be ready to answer all kinds of questions which the users have — even if these questions seem awkward or funny. From issues with the air-conditioner to some misunderstanding between newbies and old-timers — community concierge is the person who deals with all kinds of such situations.

How To Use Content As A Part Of Community Management For A Coworking Space

A blog or a monthly newsletter can also become a good start to nurture communication inside a coworking space. You can provide direct invites for certain coworking space members taking into consideration their opinions and interests.

You can boost you own creativity while writing such newsletters and blogs for your coworking space residents. You should also remember that the main objective behind newsletters and blogs is breaking the ice between newly coming members and old-timers by showing vast opportunities and topics for different groups of people.

Don’t forget to include in your blog posts or email campaigns such topics like discussing certain matters of entrepreneurship, creative industries or making interviews with creative persons and coworking space residents.

You can also use email newsletter to announce events in your coworking space as well as perform it directly via Feed option in andcards Suite app. Let’s talk in details why networking events in your coworking space can be a useful boosting tool to develop local community.

Why You Should Host Networking Events In Your Coworking Space

Your coworking space is not only the place for instant working 24/7 (or 12/7). It’s also a place for exchanging creativity, ideas and spreading culture of cooperation and inventing new things as well as introducing new practices which can be used by different freelancers and entrepreneurs.

That’s the main reason why networking events should be held in your coworking space. Such events can become an opportunity for different professionals in the coworking space to learn and grow, to boost profit and establish new connections within the community.

Members of coworking spaces also can become speakers or co-hosts of such events — and as you know, participation in common initiatives works great for developing a stronger community.

What Kind Of Coworking Events Can Be Organized For Coworking Space Members?

What You Can Do To Keep The Original Spirit And Stimulate People Giving Back To The Community

The main risk for a coworking space owner or manager is keeping alive the original spirit of collaboration and community openness while your coworking space grows and scales up. Besides it’s necessary to develop a culture of participation and ability to give back to the community on a daily basis. What can you do to achieve that? There is a number of ways:


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