How to Automate Meeting Room Booking in a Coworking Space


You can find coworking spaces almost everywhere in the world. In 2007, there were no more than 14 coworking spaces around the globe. In 2017 their amount exploded astronomically to 14 000 and counting. By 2022, there will be at least 30 000 of them on the planet.

Such a booming venture should have huge profit, yet most of the coworkings have huge difficulties with profitability instead. Modern coworking is a venture that stimulates the stable growth of independent worker, praises flexibility and claims itself to be a creative workplace for new talents. But what does it say about itself as a profitable venture? We asked ourselves that very question — and started digging into that aspect.

There are different problems with management as well as with coworking activities — but one true pain for almost each and every coworking’s administrator is the chaos of meetings and bookings for meeting rooms.

Because of the limited space amount in a typical coworking environment, the main challenge is to use proper timing for working places, hot desks, conference rooms, and public coworking space. Lots of tasks create a real buzz for an administrator with lack of space (and time) for a proper booking management system. Yet without it it’s impossible to monitor meeting rooms for not being occupied for too long, not being overbooked or underbooked by residents and resident teams in coworking spaces.

Booking a meeting room in a coworking space can be a very stressful task none of your administrators would like to face with on a daily basis. Such a mess with booking process for meeting rooms can cost a fortune for a coworking reputation (as well as it can take lots of time and effort for your administrators).

Great news is that there is certainly a way to change that.

How To Resque Coworking Management

What your coworking needs is a well-functioning management system. Problems with timing and bookings will repeat, and coworking’s manager should face them while being prepared.

And this is the time to conquer chaos in 5 steps:

The Coworking Management Software

Such a system acts as an assistant for you and is very effective. It is widely being accepted that an automated booking system for meeting rooms helps with promoting coworking management. It also allows efficient control of meeting rooms. This process becomes faster, easier and it can be done with a tap on your smartphone or laptop.

andcards is the application software for you to provide such a task as booking automation for meeting rooms. This software is integrated with digital smart locks and RFID readers to manage in check-in/out for the meeting rooms. It is used for coworking spaces and is built to help you if you want to automate management routines, especially booking procedure for meeting rooms.

It saves a lot of time with its 1-click booking, making such a procedure super simple and quick. It works for both the coworkers and coworking management.

For the coworkers, it automates the following:

Such a software helps automating the following tasks for the coworking managers:


With this coworking management software, there will be no such situations as an early checkout, leaving the meeting room free for a long time or booking a room only to find out that it is being used by another person that didn’t even book it.

andcards automates booking for meetings in coworking spaces. This is the solution to cut down the chaos in coworking space. And you can go fully automated to get the best out of the vibrant, creative, flexible and steady independent workplace as a modern coworking is.

Hope this article was useful for you. If you have any further questions on meeting room booking automation, please shoot them my way.


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