How to Attract Members in Coworking Spaces


Coworking spaces have become a huge trend. 43% of the American workforce works remotely. Other countries also join the growing coworking movement. Today it’s not only an alternative to common office spaces but a separate industry. As in any industry, coworking has its own challenges, and perhaps the biggest one of them is attracting new members.

Besides, remote work has many other positive aspects that might improve our life and environment. For example, if you choose to work from coworking space, you use less fuel, consume fewer resources, reduce strain on infrastructure, and lower greenhouse gas emissions overall.

If you ask anyone in the street or a bus stop whether they know any coworking space nearby, they will definitely name one. But will they name your coworking space? If you’re not sure about it, it’s time to find out how to attract customers to coworking spaces — and make these tips a part of your everyday practice.

Build a Coworking Space Brand to Attract More Members

Before you start, you need to come up with a strong coworking brand positioning. Ask yourself a question:

👉 “What makes my coworking space special?”

Having a clear answer what differentiates you from others is crucial.

A great example can be found in the automotive industry. Volvo is obsessed with safety, making it the company’s mission and differentiator. Volvo invented the three-point seat belt and gave away its patent to promote driving safety. If anyone thinks of a safety-first car, Volvo comes up first.

BMW tells you it’s a car for drivers. Originated as an airplane engine company, BMW focuses on being a driving pleasure. The speed, the acceleration, the handling — company’s very DNA revolves around fancy sportiness.

Mercedes’ luxury, Tesla’s high tech, Mitsubishi's off-road — every car brand has a specific differentiator, and every company’s communications, marketing, even R&D efforts are focused on that.

What about your coworking space? Try to think of one word that radiates your founding values and describes what makes your coworking space unique. Your company’s mission statement, design, marketing, and communications — all should revolve around that one unique selling point. For example, if you select “high tech” as your differentiating point, everyone in your city must know that your coworking space = high tech. How can you achieve that? Pay attention to the following two points.

Form your brand around emotions to appeal to coworking space residents

People buy emotions. Imagine there are two similar products with the same price — which one would they buy? The one they like and trust more. Let’s consider two slogans for your “high tech” space:

“High tech office for startups” vs. “Where high tech magic happens”

Which one would people remember more? The second slogan will definitely generate more emotions, because it appeals to non-rational magic, making it memorable.

Communicate your coworking brand consistently

Your brand design and communications should all scream “high tech,” or another word you decided for yourself. Consistent application of your brand across all touchpoints with customers builds trust to your coworking space. Don’t expect potential leads to take you seriously if your meeting room booking system is based on Google Calendar.

Modern coworking space software allows to get a coworking space branded portal and apps with your brand elements across all products. A branded app for both your coworking space members and administrators will virtually put your coworking space in their pockets.

It goes inline with your brand and the design of your workspace. It gives a full range of control for your coworking space administrators wherever they are because it’s mobile, flexible and fast. It shapes a stronger community with people directory and news feed. It allows to build a centralized catalog of membership benefits, associated with your space — read about it below.

If you are interested in branding and creating a professional-looking app for coworking space, there is no need to design it yourself. We, at andcards coworking technology that elevates you brand, took care of that for you.

White label coworking software means it’s the same andcards app with all the functions, but with your icon, logo, and feature set. Check out some examples of custom branded mobile apps on Apple and Google stores:

Create Membership Benefits to Attract Members in Coworking Spaces

In a world of growing competition between coworking spaces, people have a lot of great options for renting a workspace. Chances are that a price at your coworking space is roughly the same as at the other one nearby. Why should people choose you over the competition?

There are many ways to offer people more for their money. A common way is offering more free hours for meeting room booking with credits. Giving more free stuff, however, could impact your profitability, because they’re, well, free.

Providing perks, discounts, and special offers for residents is a new way of boosting your membership value. andcards allows building a beautiful coworking space benefit catalog. Benefits can include different perks from partners of your coworking space or discounts for receiving services, deliveries, and opportunities from the local stores.

Investing your time to build a robust membership benefit catalog will pay off in the long term.

Here’s why:

As you can see, building a benefit catalog could not only help you attract members in the coworking space but also boost competitiveness and create new revenue streams.

Organize Events

Coworking space event is an incredibly powerful tool to boost word-of-mouth marketing and attract new members. Whether targeted at your full-time members or external guests, coworking space events build awareness and loyalty to your coworking space. Events turn coworking space into more than just an office, but rather a place where friends are, fun happens, and stories are made.

Not only coworking space events are a great opportunity to introduce potential clients to your coworking space, how it looks and feels, but also a chance to hear about it from a third party. What do we mean by that? The more your potential customers hear about your coworking space from independent sources, the higher is their trust to your brand.

At your coworking space event, they will have an opportunity to hear direct feedback and testimonials of your existing members. Your members are your brand ambassadors — let them speak for you!

Here are some ideas for your next coworking space event:

Make sure you promote coworking space event online so that enough people hear about it.

Promote Coworking Space Online to Draw Prospective Members' Attention

We’ve previously described how to promote your coworking space online, so this time let’s recollect only some important points:


Build a strong coworking space brand, assemble a rich coworking membership benefit catalog, organize regular events for full-time residents and guests, and focus heavily on promoting online — these steps will help you attract members in coworking spaces and make them stay longer.

Deep inside every person wants to belong to a community of like-minded people, and the real question is what are those values that your coworking space is built upon that are different from anyone else. Start with just one word, and write it into a sentence, a paragraph, a landing page, a blog post, and in the end into a long-term coworking membership contract.

If you haven’t tried andcards coworking software for boosting your coworking brand and attracting new members yet, give it a try! It’s very simple to set up and members love it. ❤️ Book andcards demo with our team member to see all things described above and so much more in action.


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