Gender-Oriented Coworking as a Current Business Trend


Gone are the days when people had to get up early in the morning and hurry to the office rain or fire. Now we have the freedom of choice. You can sign a contract with any company from overseas and work remotely. Not everyone is ready to leave the country to find a dream job. All of us have roots, ties, and responsibilities. Remote employment is a great chance to balance personal life and career without any sacrifice.

This is especially topical for women. When you are taking care of the family and raising kids, it's not that easy to embody a professional ambition. The flexibility of remote contracts when you choose when and where to work is one of the ways to go for a modern business lady.

Catering to Specific Female Requirements

Well, suppose you are a woman-entrepreneur. You applied to the position of your dream, and they agreed that you would work remotely. You have a bunch of your weekly tasks that must be completed on time.

You can accomplish some of them from your home laptop but for the rest, you need faster internet, powerful desktop computer, printer, scanner, the list goes on.

Furthermore, you need to carry out several meetings with peers, customers, and partners. You must look professional to make a good impression. You can't efficiently pitch your service to the customer with your kids curiously peeking into your monitor, your cat trying to lie on your keypad, your mom coming unexpectedly to see her grandchildren, and many other cute things that scare your boss, partners, and customers a mile.

Heading to Coworking Space

After a dozen of unavailing attempts to write a brilliant product description, you understand that your time-management goes flop. You could do it if you have 15 minutes of peace. But this luxury is unobtainable at home.

You decide to go to the nearest coworking space but then recollect that your toddler's nanny has day off, you have an appointment at the beauty salon, and your fitness coach is waiting for you at the gym.

From Storytelling to Reality

Now let's interrupt our story and talk about marketing. Ideally, before developing a product, an entrepreneur must clearly understand who is their targeted audience, what are their pains, and how the innovative product will help to relieve those pains.

Then we create a persona (our prospective customer), name them, state their gender, marital status, kids, pets, hobbies, occupations, job, in a word everything that can help us tailor an irresistible sales pitch.

Does this make sense to you? That is the reason why we are talking about gender-oriented coworking as an excellent innovative way of running a business.

The List of Facilities Women-centric Coworking Spaces Provide

The facilities top-rated women coworking spaces provide are:

Have I missed anything? Please add your item in the comments.

Will the investment pay off? Definitely! The Wing women-only coworking space is a brilliant example of masterly targeted marketing strategy success. Several thousand women are on their waiting lists to join.

Female-oriented Design of the Coworking Space

A gender coworking must take into consideration the difference in male and female tastes and perception.

Women are more emotional and subject to stress, so your utmost goal is to give them the comfort they deserve. Some coworkings for women style their spaces as spa salons. Spending a day at the spa where interior details appeal to five senses is tempting.

Bring fresh green plants, art pieces, use calming colors, flavor the air with the scent of relaxing aromatic candles, play soft music in the background. Offer your guests fresh coffee, spa water, and snacks, along with comfortable seating arrangements.

Apply the Knowledge of Color Psychology to Appeal to Female Aesthetic Preferences

Some colors are traditionally considered feminine. They appeal most strongly to women audience and are smart choices for marketing messages, websites, and interior designs targeting women. According to multiple color studies, favorite colors of women and men differ.

Please note that the division of feminine, masculine, and gender-neutral colors is rather nominal. Colors come in so many tints and shades. So, if you strongly dislike dark green, you may love mint. There are no universally appropriate shades, yet some generalizations are possible.

What Colors to Choose for a Women-centric Coworking Space

Here is a brief recap of colors loved by women.

Should I Design My Women-only Coworking Space In Baby Colors?

Color studies say that women prefer soft over bright colors. Does it mean that coworking for women should be all soft pastels or royal purples? No way! You should involve many more factors in selecting hues. Gender is only one consideration. Remember that a color that successfully targets young women in the USA turns into failure in Germany.

So what should you do? Mind that feminine colors are not universal, research symbolism, preference, and psychological effect of certain colors and color combinations.

Technical Side of Female Coworking Spaces

Women go to coworking spaces not because of their eye-candy design. First of all, they go there to work. So, your coworking space must cover their primary professional needs.

Provide business ladies with every piece of equipment they require for everyday work. You must take care of everything, we mean from little things like staples and pens to bigger tools like printers and copy machines. It goes without saying that you must have a stable high-speed internet connection, landline telephones, and other office hardware gadgets.

Utmost Security

Demonstrate that you have high online and offline safety standards. Your customers don't want to worry about their data, business files, and other stuff. It must remain intact. Mount surveillance cameras, install anti-hacking software, develop procedures in case of data breaches. No matter how beautiful is your coworking space, no businesswoman will rent it if it's not trustworthy.

Advanced Software Solution

Impress your visitors from the very beginning. Use innovative coworking software to run your space. Make the process of booking, payment, and access automated. Notify them with popup reminders about their bookings, send welcome messages to the newcomers. Don't make the ladies wait. Provide ultimate simplicity and comfort at every step. This will help you keep your visitors, make them come back every now and again, and truly embrace your community.

A Showcase of Best Women Coworking Spaces

Women-centric coworking spaces featured below beautifully illustrate all the tips stated above.

The Wing

The Coven

All Bright

The Assembly

The Riveter

Make Lemonade

The Hivery

Hope you are thrilled an inspired by the showcase of women-only coworking spaces. Don't miss the opportunity to research the phenomenon deeper; read our interview with Dominika Rossa, female coworking owner in Gdansk, Poland.

Final Thoughts

Today, when remote work style is the choice of lots of millennials, coworking business gets an excellent opportunity for growth, especially if you care for ultimate members comfort. Male and female customers have different requirements, and it's challenging (not to say impossible) to meet all of them in a conventional coworking space.

Gender coworking is spinning its wheels, and you have a chance to catch and ride this wave. At least now you know what women want and how others have managed to adjust their businesses to female needs.

Let's talk! What do you think about gender coworking in terms of business perspectives and revenue? Do you have your own tips as to women coworking amenities? Your thoughts, suggestions, and questions are welcome in the comments section.

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