Top Coworking Conferences to Visit in 2020


The coworking industry is growing really fast these days. More entrepreneurs choose the freedom and flexibility of the coworking spaces. We can even notice certain business trends aiming to provide a personalized approach to members' needs.

For instance, digital nomads and people on workation may use a rural coworking, some women entrepreneurs prefer special amenities of female-centric coworkings, niche professionals like to work in the like-minded people environments, like coworkings for chefs, coworkings for pet-supplies entrepreneurs, and so on.

The industry is getting more competitive. Being an ambitious coworking space owner you surely want not only keep your business afloat but grow and scale it. Coworking business success depends on many aspects. Tracking the global trends, technical innovations, promotion, networking, and partnership are some of them.

Visiting coworking conferences is a great way to keep yourself in excellent business shape.

Benefits of Participating in the Coworking Conferences:

  1. It's a great opportunity to meet partners and investors.
  2. Learning about the latest market news and trends.
  3. Study efficient marketing strategies to finance spaces, attract new members, and achieve sustainable business growth.
  4. Of course, a conference is a source of inspiration as you hear real-life success stories and adopt best practices in your own business.

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Well, I guess now you ready to plan your big coworking events 2020? The end of the current year is the best time to sum up the results and make the new bets.

List of Top Coworking Conferences 2020

This section features the best and most prominent events recommended for coworking space owners.

#1. Future Offices Winter 2020

January 22-24 • New York

The Future Offices Winter 2020 event brings together Fortune 500 and tech corporate real estate, workplace, facility, and design leaders for three days of workshops, site tours, case studies, keynotes, and audience favorite think tank discussions.

New career progression seminars, known as Future Offices University, will tackle specific challenges and successes across workplace, facility, design, and real estate to help you gain new skills and experiences to fulfill your professional objectives.

#2. FM (Facilities Management) Forum 2020

January 27-28 • London | July 6-7 • Manchester

The Facilities Management Forum is a highly focused event that brings facilities professionals and key industry solution providers. The forum consists of one-to-one business meetings, interactive seminars, and valuable networking opportunities, in less than two days.

#3. Pause Fest 2020

February 5-7 • Melbourne

This is the world’s leading festival for business and creativity. Pause Fest is an independent, industry-driven movement with a mission to bring diverse intelligence together to fuel the next generation forward.

The Fest has been described as 'Innovation Capital', 'Octoberfest for business' and 'Woodstock for digital natives’. In 2019, they welcomed over 500 startups, 1500 businesses, and over 24 media outlets from across Australia.

Over the course of nine years, this event has seen 65,000 movers, shakers and creative change-makers come through its doors.

#4. Workplace Futures: the 20:20 FM Vision of Wellness

February 20 • London

Workplace Futures is the annual conference for the facilities management industry.

It has taken two decades to spread the message that facilities management is not just about buildings but about the people who use them, too. We now need to move much more quickly to a more holistic offer that spans the crucial interactions between people and their buildings to ensure optimal efficiency, effectiveness, comfort, productivity, safety, and health. This is the theme for Workplace Futures 2020.

#5. Futurebuild 2020

March 3-5 • London

Futurebuild is the built environment event where brands of all sizes can share innovations, from products to processes and solutions, with over 27,000 industry influencers and shapers.

Futurebuild 2020 will remain true to the roots of ecobuild by standing out as the only event to have a higher purpose, to be a catalyst for change.

It brings the most important people in the industry together around the things that really matter to them. This is achieved through the agenda-setting conference and industry-leading keynote stages.

#6. 2nd Annual Lead Workspaces Summit 2020

March 5-6 • Amsterdam

Ulead is conducting LEAD Workspaces Summit to explore and understand how workspaces will evolve in the future and how it will impact the business and help people and organizations be more effective. Global level speakers will tackle the challenges you are facing and outline the opportunities surrounding employee experience, interior design, portfolio management, coworking, technology, and of course sustainability and wellness.

The Summit content is interspersed with a perfect networking opportunity to maximize your chance to establish new partnerships and connections as well as to enjoy your time in Amsterdam among your industry peers.

#7. Cuasia Coworking Unconference Asia 2020

March 5-7 • Bali

CU Asia 2020 is carried out on the Island of the Gods. The organizers promise to host experts from industries and disciplines well beyond the coworking world and explore their ideas and innovations using a distinctive coworking lens.

They’re involving more of the community in co-creating the experience so the experts can trade more of their tools, talents, and experience before, during and after the event.

They’re raising the bar on conference content by including more interactive activities and more academic research, so the event is more critical, robust, intelligent and engaged.

#8. MIPIM 2020

March 10-13 • Cannes

MIPIM is the premier real estate event, gathering the most influential players from all sectors of the international property industry for four days of networking, learning and transaction through premium events, conferences and dedicated exhibition zones.

#9. World Workplace Europe '20

March 18-20 • Amsterdam

This year’s World Workplace Europe conference theme will be ‘Future for Facilities’. What will the future of and for FM bring? What are the trends we are seeing today and what are the discussions we should be having? Where does the future of facilities lie? What are the risks and the opportunities? Can we learn from the past and what developments of other disciplines can help us? What is the impact of climate change? What type of work environment do new generations want? What does the research say? What kind of research do we want in the upcoming time?

If you are looking for the answers to the above questions or want to help to figure them out, pack your bag for World Workplace Europe '20.

#10. IWFM (Institute of Workplace and Facilities Management) Conference 2020

March 24 • London

IWFM conference is the workplace and facilities management event of the year. Bringing together leading insights and ideas from inside and outside the profession, IWFM Conference tackles the sector’s greatest opportunities and challenges, equipping attendees with the tools and inspiration to seize FM’s workplace opportunity.


March 31 • Singapore

WORKTECH20 SMARTBUILDINGS Singapore is the conference for all those involved in the future of work and the workplace as well as real estate, technology, and innovation.

WORKTECH examines Smart Buildings and new technologies impacting the built environment from the Developer, Tenant and User perspectives exploring the opportunities they provide for business leaders and their organizations.

You can join 100 senior professionals from CRE, IT, FM, HR, architecture, and design to listen to global thought leaders, further their knowledge and share best practice and expertise.

You can also visit WORKTECH20 Auckland on March 17 and WORKTECH20 Sydney on March 26th.

#12. GCUC USA Coworking Conference 2020

April 20-23 • Seattle

The Global Coworking Unconference Conference is the largest coworking conference series in the world.

The “GCUC experience” goes like this:

The crowd is a diverse group of people who’ve come from far and wide. The GCUC is the best match for the corporate executives, entrepreneurs, designers, coworking space owners, real estate visionaries and industry enthusiasts who converge to talk about ideas and insights, big and small, as they build the future of work together.

#13. ChileCowork 2020

April 23–24 • Rancagua

ChileCowork 2020 is the 14th meeting of niche entrepreneurs. This year it takes place at WE.DO Cowork collaborative workspace. Participate in the gathering, where you will see great exponents of coworking in Chile, which will present themes related to entrepreneurship and coworking, as well as participating in conversation panels. If you are looking for an opportunity to expand your knowledge and find inspiration for the development of your cowork, this conference is the key.

#14. Agile Workplace Design Forum 2020

May 13-14 • Madrid

Key topics of the Agile Workplace Design Forum include innovation at the workplace, wellbeing at work, AI in the near future, human-centered employee experience, change management, and smart buildings.

The agenda includes panel discussions, round table sessions, and various ice-breaker games. Special networking breaks will give the audience the chance to meet the exhibitors and get to know their services and products.

You can also attend relaxing and entertaining after event programs to make your conference experience unique.

#15. BCO (British Council for Offices) Annual Conference 2020

June 10-12 • Toronto

The organizers of BCO Annual Conference 2020 will be asking key developers about how the office industry will change. In particular, you will hear about po• ential disrupters that could drive wholly new office building designs and radically alter social environments.

You'll also listen to leading occupiers, who will speak about whether workplaces are meeting their current and, of course, future needs. Together, guests will examine the importance of creating a sense of place in a world moving at dizzying speed.

Meanwhile, afternoon tours will show the city’s thriving commercial heart. But it’s not all work, there’ll be the cycling challenge, deep lake fishing, and golf all ahead of our first day. Evenings will be spent eating the city’s world-leading, multicultural cuisine and enjoying vibrant bars with vistas that look across Toronto.

#16. Future Offices Summer 2020

August 19-21 • San Francisco

Future Offices Summer is back and hotter this time. From longer workshops to new site tours to maturity-tracked content, the knowledge and experience gained through this conference will be invaluable this beach season.

Join the conference to network with 300+ corporate real estate and workplace professionals from Fortune 500 brands as we revolutionize the industry by sharing innovative strategies to solve your most pressing office challenges.

#17. The GWA (Global Workspace Association) Conference

September 2020

The GWA Conference is jam-packed with 2.5 days of high-quality content designed to keep you at the cutting-edge of the flexible office industry and to inspire and empower you to advance in this ever-changing and dynamic landscape. GWA conference facilitates networking and making connections with various people in the coworking industry, from workplace strategies to investors.

#18. Corenet Global Summit EMEA 2020

September 22–24 • Berlin

The 2020 Summit is all about how relationships are fundamental to creating digital and physical integration at work, connecting people, place, and technology. When they’re right, the culture is right. When they’re wrong, businesses falter. The convergence of HR, IT and CRE will likely grow exponentially in the coming years. Are you ready to lead?

#19. Coworking Europe 2020

November 25-27 • Vienna

Coworking Europe 2020 is an annual conference no coworking space operator can miss as it features the rise of coworking. 600 attendees from all around Europe, North America and beyond, will gather during two days at the Vienna International Center, also known as UNO City. On Day 3 there will be an Off-Site in Vienna’s Twin City Bratislava.

More than fifty speakers and panelists will share their thoughts and best practices with an audience made out of coworking space operators, facility managers, real estate pundits as well as city councils representatives, public development agencies, universities or startup incubator managers. We are coming, and you?

Speak up!

Did you find some of the events on my list worth a visit? You are welcome to share your favorites in the comments. Don't forget to tell your friends about the biggest coworking events 2020 as planning the coming exiting experience together is even more enjoyable.

As you understand, this recap is not exhaustive, I am going to add new items as soon as they appear. Stay tuned and you'll be aware of the latest updates.


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