8 Things Every Meeting Room Must Have


Meeting rooms at coworking spaces are the main place where creativity is nurtured and new ideas, solutions and plans are discussed. Establishing a comfortable meeting space is an obligatory task for any coworking space which considers itself a place for boosting creativity among their members.

Sometimes managers of coworking spaces consider meeting rooms a mere place for comfortable work. That is the reason why meeting rooms are often underequipped or lack some features which seem unimportant.

Today let’s talk about must-have things in your coworking space meeting rooms. And you will be surprised to know that these features also include coworking space software — but first things first.

Air Conditioner System

What do we need for fresh ideas? Some say a blank sheet of paper, others — a team spirit or following Agile, Scrum or Sprint practices. But the main component for your brain to stay creative as well as focused on a goal is clean and fresh air.

A too hot or too dusty room creates a feeling of discomfort and irritation. To provide fresh and cool air you need a great air conditioner system. Different zones (such as separate open spaces and meeting rooms) should be conditioned with different levels of intensity. Naturally, it should be done 24/7 (even if there is no one in the particular room at the moment). If the meeting room air is fresh, members are ready for a creative session or important meeting at any time. Just make sure it’s not freezing — the task is to get fresh air, not to turn coworking space residents into a snowman.

Fresh Water

Fresh drinkable water is the next must have component for a perfect coworking space meeting room. Creative processes and public speaking take lots of energy. A sip of water can make it easier to talk for a long time. It’s vitally important if the presentation of the project is held in a meeting room and there is no time to leave it for having a glass of water.

Coworking space managers should consider setting up water coolers in or near the meeting rooms. It saves time and makes the environment more friendly for those who speak a lot.

Big Screen for Presentations + Projector with Various Connectivity Ports

Sometimes coworking space members gather their entire team to discuss an important task or evaluate a problem. If there are many members, showing something on a small format of an iPad, laptop or a printed page, is not effective. A quick presentation on a big screen is always much better and efficient for the final result.

This is the main reason why administrators in coworking spaces should consider placing a big screen or projector with multiple ways to connect it to a laptop or smartphone. Some coworking spaces even offer wireless mirroring with the help of Chromecast and a monitor. Flexibility and unified access is the key to making a great presentation.

Flipchart and Storyboard

Some teams don’t hold presentations and hate PowerPoint as much as they can. Despite that, such teams still discuss tasks and create diagrams, lists or drawings, and hand-written mockups. They can use usual A4 or A5 paper sheets — or make this process quick and shared with all the members of the team if they use a flipchart or a storyboard. It’s especially important if we talk about designing new products, apps or services.

If you are an administrator in a coworking space, consider setting up the following devices in your meeting room:

Teams love writing on boards all the time — you just didn’t notice this before. Just ask them about this feature — and they’ll name it as a must-have for sure.

Meeting Room Display

It is not convenient for coworking space residents to check with an administrator whether the particular room is free or booked. Sometimes you just need to find a meeting room quickly for that urgent call. It is too time-consuming to even open coworking software at that point.

Luckily, some coworking space software offers meeting room display app for iPads or Android tablets. Such app would signal room availability from a distance, showing green if room is available, orange if it's available soon, and red if it's unavailable. Such meeting room display systems are especially handy if your meeting rooms have opaque doors.

Putting a meeting room display at the door of your meeting room can also create WOW effect on new visitors. Far not every coworking space offers their members a convenience of exploring meeting room booking calendar right at the door. So don't miss your chance to stand out!

Comfortable Chairs

Although “meetings on foot” are a trend among startups, there are lots of business meetings behind the table. A comfortable chair can play a vital role in a productive discussion of the task, problem, or a project. A person shouldn’t feel pain in the back or in the neck while sitting for an hour or so.

As a coworking space managers, you could choose a chair that's functional and comfortable. For example, it must always be possible to adjust chair elevation, as not all people are of the same height. It's also better to have a rotating chair, because it makes it easier to get in and out of a seat. But don’t forget: if the chairs are too cozy, there is a risk the residents will occupy meeting rooms just to sit there and relax :).

Flexible Zones

Most coworking spaces use meeting rooms not only for brainstorming, presentations, or team meetings. Business discussions, seminars, how-to workshops as well as master-classes and even “happy hours” can be held there.

So what a manager of a coworking space should do is to consider flexible zones in each meeting room — a part of the room or even its entire configuration which takes into account the main type of events which could be held there.

Basically, try to make your meeting room as convertible and multifunctional as possible to maximize use cases. The same room can be a place where investors discuss a future contract during the first half of the day and freelancers learn how to draw a portrait during a workshop in the evening. Such a room must be pretty flexible in furniture, space, and equipment to suit all the needs at once.

Timer (or a Special Clock for Sprints)

Last but not least, consider timing. Every meeting should last as long as it should — but not too long. Pomodoro technique, Sprint or any other way of time-tracking and dividing tasks during meetings include an important thing — a timer. This timer tracks equal periods of time spent for discussion, implementing or making changes in the project.

Of course, a team of residents can use their own timers on smartphones or laptops. But a physical timer or special table clock with timer branded by your coworking space’s logo and name can be not only a useful tool for time-management but an essential element of decor for the meeting room. So do consider setting up timers in your meeting rooms — it’s convenient, smart, and a good-looking feature.


So there you have it, all the tips to help make your meeting space shine. Of course, it's not a full list, as every coworking space has their specialty. We haven't mentioned meeting room booking software, assuming you already have one. If you don't, check out andcards coworking software — it's user-friendly, simple to set up, and offers mobile apps that put your meeting rooms in a pocket of your customers.


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