7 Reasons Why Your Coworking Space Needs Workplace Management Software


Are you interested in the use of workplace management software but not sure if it is a worthwhile investment? If you have been in the coworking space rental business for quite some time, then you are probably aware of its many challenges. Managing a coworking space involves much work, which includes planning and optimizing coworking spaces, processing payments, managing amenities and the like.

Unfortunately, most of the duties mentioned above detract coworking space managers from the focus of their business — building a vibrant coworking community and inspire brand loyalty. As the demand for coworking spaces grow, managers will find it increasingly difficult to find time for everything. This is where the use of a coworking management software comes in.

In this post, we will go over the benefits of using workplace management software and how it can help you streamline operations in a coworking space. Only then can you determine if a coworking space management software such as andcards is a good investment and worth spending any amount of time and money implementing.

Automate meeting room bookings

Perhaps the most significant benefit of using coworking management software is that it relieves community managers from the arduous task of handling reservations and checking schedules to prevent overbookings. This frees up more of their time to handle walk-in clients and planning promotional events for the coworking community.

Of course, the use of coworking software does not only benefit managers and extends to coworking space residents as well. For one thing, such software makes booking meeting rooms a quick and seamless experience. Some management software also comes with a mobile app that clients can log into and create reservations at their convenience.

Automate membership plans

With workplace management software, coworking space managers can say goodbye to spreadsheets and other manual data entry solutions that are traditionally used to manage membership plans. Everything can be automated from tracking the use of meeting rooms and office spaces to allocating free hours to repeat customers.

Coworking software can also help managers understand how members use various spaces in the coworking facility. This provides better insight on how to reduce bottlenecks in operations and identify underutilized features and replace it with something that the coworking community wants or needs.

Employ clear and consistent branding

The use of management software enables coworking businesses to adopt a consistent branding strategy in all points of interaction with customers -- logo, website, apps, coworking space kiosks and the like. This makes it easier for coworking spaces to reinforce their brand and prevent confusion among customers. Imagine how upsetting it would be for customers if your website featured a different theme or logo on your meeting room booking calendar. Still, it’s a common mistake among businesses and can cost you dearly.

In one survey conducted by Lucidpress (a desktop publishing software company), they found that consistent branding helps increase revenue by around 23 percent. Businesses that employ consistent branding are 3 to 4 times more likely to be remembered compared to those with erratic brand presentations. This is hardly surprising considering that presenting the same logo to customers whether by mobile app or business cards, makes companies seem more reputable than others.

Coworking software such as andcards provides coworking businesses with access to branded mobile apps (iOS/Android). Such features go a long way towards ensuring consistent branding and puts coworking space in the pockets of your customers.

Manage IoT (Internet of Things) devices to boost coworking space efficiency

A great coworking space management software works with IoT devices like sensors, lights, displays, and smart locks that can be used to make life easier for coworking space managers and members alike. For one thing, managers of coworking spaces can view all pertinent information about the facility such as temperature, equipment use and the number of office occupants from one dashboard, which is always handy. This allows managers to keep a pulse on equipment and shared amenities in the coworking space.

Residents can likewise benefit from the myriad of conveniences that IoT devices have to offer. For example, coworking businesses can start putting up smart displays on the door of meeting rooms that feature updated booking schedules. This allows members to quickly determine the availability of meeting rooms and arrange reservations as necessary.

Facilitate better communication with the coworking community

In a traditional setting, managers of coworking spaces use email or group chats to share information with the community. Unfortunately, such announcements are easy for members to miss. Emails can wind up in spam folders and messages can get buried in chat feeds, preventing members from ever seeing them. Coworking software like andcards offer features that can prove invaluable in managing a coworking community. Such features include pinning messages, attaching photos and editing or deleting messages at any time (unlike email which can’t be unsent).

When managers are sending important information about the latest promotions and events, you would want to make sure that people see them. andcards and most other coworking management software help you accomplish the latter by equipping community managers with essential tools that they can use to engage with members without overwhelming them with chat messages. This includes push-notifications via mobile apps and newsfeeds that members can check at their convenience.

Of course, gaining access to more efficient ways of reaching out to members of the coworking community has its’ responsibilities. For one thing, coworking space managers would want to be careful not to overwhelm their members with messages. People deal with all sorts of notifications daily, may it be emails concerning work or their activity on social networks. Hence it is always a good idea to send short and pertinent messages sparingly which can speak volumes about how much you value people’s time.

Keep members happy by offering benefits and perks

Workplace management software can also be used to implement perks such as discounts and promo codes for new or old-time members. In a traditional setting, coworking space managers track these benefits manually with a spreadsheet which can get overlooked or lost over time. As you might imagine, few things are as frustrating to clients as being denied perks that they were initially entitled to. The use of coworking software can help mitigate such problems and at the same time, spare managers the trouble of tracking membership benefits and perks.

In addition, workplace management software can also help coworking businesses jump into the recent trend of offering additional services to members for more revenue. Such services include business support, legal services, accounting and the like. This can help coworking businesses become more profitable over the long-term.

Benefits offer added value to users of coworking spaces, and as the industry becomes increasingly more competitive, coworking businesses will have to provide more of them. After all, when people have to choose between two similarly priced coworking spaces, they will start factoring in the benefits and choose the coworking business that offers more value for their money.

Streamline payments

Another significant benefit of using a working space management software like andcards is that it helps simplify invoicing. Community managers no longer have to deal with the arduous task of chasing invoices which can be frustrating for both management and members alike. Members can log on to their mobile app, arrange their booking and submit payment all in real-time. As you might imagine, this helps streamline operations in coworking spaces as well as reduces wait times and redundant conversations with regards to invoicing clients.

Most coworking software supports in-app payments via credit or debit cards and automatic email confirmation receipts once you’ve finished booking a meeting room. The best way to enable such payments is partnering with Stripe. Such a system grants residents added convenience and help prevent the myriad of problems associated with manual invoices such as difficulty in monitoring and increased risk of discrepancies. Both can cause businesses many headaches come tax season.


So there you have it -- a few perfectly good reasons to start using a workplace management software. As you may have already realized, the latter grants coworking businesses the opportunity to divert their attention away from menial tasks and focus on growing their enterprise. If you’re having trouble scaling your coworking space and standing out from competitors, then management is likely spending too much time on matters that do not add much to your bottom line. With the right software in place, managers can confidently tackle the distinct needs of residents while optimizing resources and reduce operating expenses.

The benefits mentioned above are but a few of the perks that you can expect from a coworking management software. If you’re looking to learn more, then we urge you to check out andcards coworking software. They cover all the essential features that coworking space managers need to maximize profit and build a loyal following of coworking space residents.


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