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Coworking space owners work on the design of their premises striving to create a perfect environment for members. Progressive entrepreneurs community tends to futuristic interiors supplemented by hi-tech gadgets. Here both hardware and software matter. Meeting room display software is one of the elements that can help you impress your visitors and boost their experience.

In this blog post, we are going to talk about meeting room display software. You will get to know what it is, what can it do for your coworking space, who can use it, and how to implement the system in your coworking space.

What is Meeting Room Display

Meeting room display is a simple application used to display a room's status. It can be installed on a tablet. You place this tablet in front of the workspace for members' reference. The display will show if a particular room in a particular workspace is occupied or free at the moment, what is the ongoing meeting progress, and what time it will be available for the new booking.

Why is the System Convenient?

Imagine the situation. During the meeting, one of the businessmen goes out because he gets an important phone call. He needs to arrange another meeting and a person on the other side is waiting for the time and place. How can he check the room availability if coworking software can't be accessed at the moment (he is talking over the phone.)

It's really easy if you provide tablets with pre-installed meeting room display software. A busy entrepreneur quickly checks meeting room availability without interrupting the call, agrees about a business meeting and books a room immediately after he finishes the call. Not bad seems like you have considered everything.

andcards Suite and andcards Kiosk Software

andcards coworking software is presented with two products:

andcards Kiosk is meeting room display software providing the functionality we have already mentioned above. Developed by andcards, Kiosk comes as a free companion to the Suite.

How it Works

If you subscribe for andcards Suite and want to place tablets in front of the meeting room to enable all your members to see current status of the room, you can download andcards Kiosk from App Store or Google Play for free and login to the app. Only workspace moderators or administrators can set up the app by logging in with andcards Suite account.

Basic Functionality of Meeting Room Kiosk Display Software

Upon downloading andcards Kiosk your customers can:

andcards Suite and andcards Kiosk sync in real-time. So, if you made a booking in andcards Suite it will be almost instantly displayed on Kiosk room display.

Just think about the image-making wow effect the technology will make on the coworking space members, especially when enhanced by other smart integrations like automated access control. Nobody will ever compare your coworking software with Google calendar. The calendar simply can't do it.

How to Implement Kiosk in Your Coworking Space

The best thing about our meeting room display software is that andcards Kiosk is absolutely free for andcards Suite customers. This makes it even easier for you to add a futuristic touch to your coworking space environment. Here are a few simple tips that will help you make up your mind.

You don't need much to display the status of your meeting room. Actually, it all boils down to electricity supply and a tablet.

Choosing a Tablet

There are no specific requirements to the tablet except bright display and minimum operating system of Android 6+ or iOS 9+. So you can opt for a budget one. Here are a few variants to consider.

We start with the most expensive option.

iPad Pro (11 inch) — a tablet for luxury coworkings.

Price: $680-750 on Amazon, Apple Refurbished

The iPad Pro 10.5 has a huge bright screen and minimal bezels. Your meeting room display will be a visual treat. This most expensive tablet on our list will complement your high end interior. Super thin bezels make it look like a meeting room display of the future.

iPad (9.7 inch) — a standard choice.

Price: $300-350 on Amazon, Apple Refurbished

The iPad 9.7 is a great meeting room diplay we recommend for most workspaces. The screen is just a perfect size, big enough to fit the availability text and upcoming schedule. The screen brightness is not as high as iPad 10.5, but still reasonably bright and legible from afar. The iPad 9.7 is also well designed aesthetically and will fit most of interiors. There are white and black color versions for all tastes.

Lenovo Tab 4 (8 inch) — the budget option on our list.

Price: $50-100 on Ebay

Lenovo Tab 4 offers us low-end specs at a low price. This is a good choice if you're just getting into the meeting room displays and want to try the concept out. Lenovo Tab is also a price-conscious choice that won't require a huge investment if you have a lot of meeting rooms. The screen is a bit small and not that bright, but at this price point you can't complain. You will not be able to read the text from far away, only up close. There are many versions of Lenovo Tab 3, so make sure the tablet you buy can be upgraded to Android 6.0.

Installing a Tablet at a Meeting Room

We advise you to plan the placement of the tablets beforehand because it's not that easy to fit them in the existing minimalist hi-tech interior after all design works are finished.

Think about electricity supply to plug the tablets because there is no point in gadgets with a low battery charge. Some coworking spaces experiment by placing a tablet into a pocket, hoping it will last all day on a battery charge. Usually it is a bad idea, because always-on screen draws battery so fast that it will only last for a few hours.

It is best to through a power line leading up to the tablet from the floor or ceiling. Usually it's possible to drill a hole in a door frame and hide a wire inside it.

The market of meeting room displays is very new, and there are new solutions that don't require power. For example, Vobot's e-ink digital signage system can last for about a year on a single charge. Cool, huh?

Over to You

Now, when you know what is meeting room display software, what is it aimed at and what will it cost to implement it in your coworking space, the first thing you probably want to do is download andcards Kiosk. Am I right? Do you agree that the app will become a cool addition to your coworking software? Maybe you already have experience with andcards Kiosk. We would be happy to read it in the comments. Any questions are welcome as well.

Don't forget to share this blog post with your friends to help them make their coworking interiors even more stylish and member-friendly.


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