Cloud Printing for Your Coworking Space — ezeep Integration


Most of your members' docs are stored as electronic files that are easy to share and work with. Though, it's impossible to imagine a coworking center without printers. You must provide a full range of office utensils and even more because when an entrepreneur comes to a coworking space they expect everything to be at place.

You can get innovative and provide not only a few printers at your workspace but a modern cloud printing solution integrated with your main coworking space management software. Such synergy enables members to print out their stuff right from the coworking app in their smartphones.

Sounds futuristic? Just think about how favorable integrations like that are for your brand image. Members get the feeling that you've taken care of everything.

But let's come back to cloud printing and the most member-focused way to implement it at your coworking space.

What Is Cloud Printing

Let's start with the basics and figure out what is cloud printing.

It's an advanced technology that lets coworking space members access printers over a network through cloud computing.

There are two types of cloud printing. I guess coworking spaces are interested in the so-called consumer-based printing kind. This solution connects any application to cloud-enabled home printers that members have access to. With cloud printing technology members can take digital media as their primary communications tool and print out their documents when they need those files in a physical form.

The other type of cloud printing is oriented at professionals like publishers for example. It enables companies to print their digital content by leveraging networks of production facilities through cloud computing technology.

Benefits of Cloud Printing for Your Coworking Space

Modern cloud printing solutions bode lots of benefits for coworking spaces. Here are some of them:

andcards Integration with ezeep

Making printing easy for users and making it easy to manage for operators has been our biggest accomplishment.

~ Christoph Hammer, President & CEO at ezeep, Inc.

In this section, we are going to tell you how to implement cloud printing at your coworking space using ezeep technology which is integrated with andcards coworking space management app.

At first, let me tell you more about the company and its offer.

ezeep stands for “easy printing” which is actually company name and mission. What they do is move the entire printing process at your coworking space to the cloud, so you don't need to worry about drivers, operating systems, and end devices while your members print.

What ezeep Can Do for Your Coworking Space

Most of the ezeep customers are in the coworking/shared workplaces market, which operate in over 58 countries. Other markets are education and corporations.

What are the Benefits of andcards Integration with ezeep

We at andcards build integrations only with the best and the most efficient technologies and ezeep is one of them. It is the leading print management software for coworking spaces, business centers, and virtual offices. ezeep makes printing intuitive, simple, and automated for coworking space members and guests.

Here are a few reasons to connect ezeep to andcards:

How to Choose the Right Printers for Your Coworking Space

A cool thing about ezeep software is that it is compatible with any printer that has a Windows driver, which basically means all of them. Free from compatibility issues, coworking operators have almost unlimited choice. However, you may easily get lost in all this variety. That's why I advise you to consider the key things below to make your decision more informed.


That's it about cloud printing for coworking spaces and andcards integration with ezeep as a way to introduce this smart technology at your premises. Would you like to know more about turning your coworking space into high-tech members' paradise? Schedule a demo call with us!


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