10 Best Apps for Coworking Spaces (Use Our Tips to Make Your Pick)


Coworking space business is developing at the flashing speed. We observe one of the market laws in action — demand generates supply.

New generation people are searching for life-work balance. They want the utmost flexibility of working hours, extended vacation, floating days-off, the possibility to work from different places, and many other conveniences only freelance job can give.

Coworking spaces with their powerful computers, all necessary office supplies, comfortable meeting rooms, and friendly community are great alternatives to traditional offices.

However, the best coworking spaces offer not only a beautiful design, but they also provide futuristic user experience implementing cutting-edge coworking software. This workspace management software is loved by both members and managers. In this blog post I feature 9 best apps for coworking spaces to help you choose the one that is perfect for your enterprise.

All-in-one Coworking Software VS Integrations Coworking App?

Current coworking software falls under two big categories. Some developers want to include as much functional as they can into their products. The other create integrations with the most popular apps you have got used to.

At first, you are tempted to grab the first do-it-all workspace management software and breathe out. But I advise you not to make haste. The best solution is not necessarily the most obvious one.

Consider this:

If you need to fix one of the PCs at your coworking space, do you hire a specialized professional or a handyman who says they can also fix electricity, paint the walls, check your sewerage?

No! Because you don't want to pay for additional services you don't need at the moment. Besides, a handyman doesn't look trustworthy enough to approach your last-generation hardware.

Am I right? Does the idea to purchase do-it-all coworking software still seem brilliant to you? After reading this article, where all things are considered, it will be much easier to choose the category of software that fits your hub better.

How to Choose Perfect Coworking Software for Your Space?

We have already discussed two categories of coworking software (integrations & all-inclusive). But these are not all the competitors in the market.

Some entrepreneurs opt for custom solutions for their coworkings. It seems like a winning bargain as nothing can make you happier than software tailored to your needs. Though, when the developer starts to negotiate the cost of their work and further maintenance your hair starts to stand on end.

And don't forget about compatibility issues. Imagine that you want to integrate the access control system into your coworking software. It's hardly possible to do it straight away if you have a custom one.

A Bare Minimum of Features to Consider When Choosing a Coworking Space Management Software

Today's coworking software provides an overwhelming set of features, from billing to tracking members. Those features can free the manager's hands by automating most of the processes. Though, it's not easy to decide which features you will use daily and which you don't want to pay for.

Here is a list of items to take a closer look at when you are searching for the best deal. I included only vital functionalities a coworking management software should have, the rest are optional. I hope this narrowed list supplied with tips and advice will eliminate the guesswork and help you choose your coworking space management app with confidence.

Main Functions Coworking Software Should Offer

The first point is access control.

A good coworking app provides built-in or integrated access control system which lets to:

The coworking software must provide expert help and detailed documentation.

A decent coworking software can be customized to your unique needs in terms of white label & integrations.

A good coworking space management software gives you insights on lead generation and compiles valuable data for analysis.

A good coworking space management system enables communication.

A good coworking software works flawlessly across various platforms.

Now, when you know all these tips you are ready to pick out a coworking space management software for your business. Please find the top nine apps for coworking spaces down below.

The Best Apps for Coworking Spaces

Most of the apps for coworking spaces featured below have a free tier for basic features. Community managers around the world are using these tools to make the coworking space profitable, efficient, member-friendly, and simply awesome. Would you like to join them?


Organize your assets

Do you know how much paper is left in storage? Is there enough coffee beans for this week? Airtable is an excellent tool to organize all your assets in one place. The developers call it "spreadsheet meets database" for a reason — it's great to keep your physical space organized. You can even publish it to the web to make lists available for your members to see.


Easy to use coworking space app

There are many coworking space apps out there, but the only one that members really love — andcards. It's super easy to use, offers native mobile apps, and a ton of integrations to simplify management routines. andcards supports white label membership portal and mobile apps and IoT integrations with smart printers, office sensors, access control, and room displays. Turn on andcards meeting room display supported by Android or iOS tablet and attach it to the meeting room door. The feature will display a real-time room booking schedule. Members love the ability to know which meeting room is available with a simple glance.


Super simple event scheduling

Doodle makes it incredibly easy to find the best hour for your upcoming events. You start by adding suggested times and get a simple link to share with your community. Your members will choose which days work for them. Try it on your next event and see the participation rate increase! Use Doodle to ask your community:


Noise-canceling app for member-friendly common spaces

Just like in every shared office, the private offices and meeting rooms may be busy from time to time. Members could find themselves surrounded by loud coworkers in common areas, often complaining of noise. To make your members still stay productive in such situations, recommend them Krisp noise-canceling app. It will help your members conduct remote conferences on the spot without worrying about any surrounding noise in the shared office. It removes background noise during the call both on your coworking end and other speaking party's end, giving members more ways to use your coworking space around.


Free support chat tool

Coworking space members are like babies — they need constant help from community managers. There should be someone always at the front desk, ready to fix the printer and restart wi-fi. What if a community manager is away? Smallchat integrates with your coworking space website and enables visitors to chat with managers simply. Conversations are routed right into your selected Slack channel. Members love the ability to communicate real-time, without having to wait around for answers.


Online payment solution

Create invoices online, auto-send to members, or charge member credit card directly. All without the need for a physical POS terminal! What makes Stripe great is the ability to create subscriptions to charge members regularly. Stripe is also the best for integrating payments into your coworking space management app. All popular coworking apps like andcards support Stripe payments.


Make surveys to understand your members

Make regular surveys to find out what your members think and what could be improved. Typeform is the easiest to use survey tool. Its full-screen distraction-free interface allows members to focus on the question. Questions to ask community members:


Make simple apps to automate small tasks

Coworking software is useful to automate complex routines, such as meeting room bookings, or IoT space monitoring. What about small exotic tasks, such as labeling incoming mail, or checking-in visitors? Retool can help you make a little app for anything. It allows to create custom internal tools using simple building blocks, so you don't have to figure out coding. What community managers use Retool for:


Easily move data between all apps

"One size fits all" principle doesn't work anymore. No software can do everything. Using apps like Mailchimp for email campaigns, andcards for community directory or any other app from above would require you to synchronize contact lists, automate actions. Zapier makes this super simple by automatically moving all needed data. you set the rules, Zapier does the hard work. Things Zapier can do for community managers:


Improve your space's discoverability

With thousands of coworking spaces in the world, how do you stand out from the crowd? Registering your space with Coworker's network of over 13,000 spaces will not only make you part of a global coworking database, but it means your space will be discoverable via Coworker's app. Members can then locate, book a day pass, or leave reviews of your space on the app.

Over to You

That's it for now. It was my rating of best apps for coworking spaces. Are you ready to make your pick? Were our tips on choosing a coworking space management system helpful? Do the points in your major software features checklist coincide with mine? Did I miss anything? Your additions are welcome in the comments.

Maybe you are already using some of the above apps. It would be great to hear your feedback on how they improve/optimize your management process.


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