10 Best Apps for Coworking Spaces


The best apps for coworking spaces are:

Most of the apps have a free tier for basic features. Community managers around the world are using these tools to make the coworking space profitable, efficient, member-friendly, and simply awesome!

Looking to solve a particular problem by automating your space? Read on how to automate meeting room booking at a coworking space.


Organize your assets

Do you know how much paper is left in storage? Is there enough coffee beans for this week? Airtable is an excellent tool to organize all your assets in one place. The developers call it "spreadsheet meets database" for a reason — it's great to keep your physical space organized. You can even publish it to the web to make lists available for your members to see.

andcards Suite

Easy to use coworking space app

There are many coworking space apps out there, but the only one that members really love — andcards Suite. It's super easy to use, offers native mobile apps, and a ton of integrations to simplify management routines. andcards supports white label membership portal and mobile apps and IoT integrations with smart printers, office sensors, access control, and room displays.

andcards Kiosk

Meeting room display app

Download this free app to any supported Android or iOS tablet and attach to the meeting room door. Kiosk will display a real-time room booking schedule. Members love the ability to know which meeting room is available with a simple glance.


Super simple event scheduling

Doodle makes it incredibly easy to find the best hour for your upcoming events. You start by adding suggested times and get a simple link to share with your community. Your members will choose which days work for them. Try it on your next event and see the participation rate increase! Use Doodle to ask your community:


Noise canceling app for member-friendly common spaces

Just like in every shared office, the private offices and meeting rooms may be busy from time to time. Members could find themselves surrounded by loud coworkers in common areas, often complaining for noise. To make your members still stay productive in such situations, recommend them Krisp noise-canceling app. It will help your members conduct remote conferences on the spot without worrying about any surrounding noise in the shared office. It removes background noise during the call both on your coworking end and other speaking party's end, giving members more ways to use your coworking space around.


Free support chat tool

Coworking space members are like babies — they need constant help of community managers. There should be someone always at the front desk, ready to fix printer and restart wi-fi. What if a community manager is away? Smallchat integrates with your coworking space website and enables visitors to chat to managers simply. Conversations are routed right into your selected Slack channel. Members love the ability to communicate real-time, without having to wait around for answers.


Online payment solution

Create invoices online, auto-send to members, or charge member credit card directly. All without the need for a physical POS terminal! What makes Stripe great is the ability to create subscriptions to charge members regularly. Stripe is also the best for integrating payments into your coworking space management app. All popular coworking apps like andcards Suite support Stripe payments.


Make surveys to understand your members

Make regular surveys to find out what your members think and what could be improved. Typeform is the easiest to use survey tool. Its full-screen distraction-free interface allows members to focus on the question. Questions to ask community members:


Make simple apps to automate small tasks

Coworking software is useful to automate complex routines, such as meeting room bookings, or IoT space monitoring. What about small exotic tasks, such as labeling incoming mail, or checking-in visitors? Retool can help you make a little app for anything. It allows to create custom internal tools using simple building blocks, so you don't have to figure out coding. What community managers use Retool for:


Easily move data between all apps

"One size fits all" principle doesn't work anymore. No software can do everything. Using apps like Mailchimp for email campaings, andcards for community directory, or any other app from above would require you to synchronize contact lists, automate actions. Zapier makes this super simple by automatically moving all needed data. you set the rules, Zapier does the hard work. Thins Zapier can do for community managers:


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