Benefits Management at a Coworking Space


To build a successful co-working space, you need to attract members. Nowadays people choose workspace not only by price, location, interior, but also by various membership benefits they could receive. Therefore, building a solid membership benefit catalog could help you get more members and build a robust partner network. Read on to learn more what kind of benefits exist, how to organize them and allow members to gain access.

What are membership benefits

Membership benefit is a discount, promo code, or special offer that your members get exclusively from a third party partner. For example, an accounting company could offer 20% service discount for members of one coworking space. Amazon Web Services, Slack, even WeWork — all provide exclusive benefits. Ultimately, benefits are intangible advantages of your coworking space that make members happier.

What kind of benefits exist

Usually, benefits are focused on helping member companies grow, but could also be just for fun, such as movie tickets or a free day at a yoga club. Typically benefits fall in one of the following categories (with examples):

Building up member benefits isn't too hard. Just reach out to local businesses and ask if they offer any discount for new customers. Since you are giving them a free stream of customers, they should be interested. Higher value benefits like AWS or HubSpot CRM could require more effort to qualify.

Organizing membership benefits

So you managed to prepare several membership benefits for your members, and now you need an excellent way to organize them. For the best experience, you will need:

1) A simple benefit catalog that members can quickly discover 2) A way for members to request or send an application for the benefit of interest 3) A method of collecting applicant information and forwarding it to benefit provider

Luckily, you don't have to do all that manually. andcards Suite has a dedicated membership benefits section that automates the whole process.

Create all available membership benefits on a dedicated Benefits section of andcards Suite:

You can create any categories for your benefits. Just contact us for assistance.

When creating a benefit, you need to provide the following information:

How members apply for benefits

When members open the benefit details page, they will see a big blue button to apply. In the application form, members indicate their contact phone number, email, as well as any comments. The phone number and email are auto-filled from a member's profile. If a member didn't type a phone number or email on their profile, they could manually type it on the benefit application form.

Upon successful application, a member, a benefit provider as well as a responsible person will receive an email confirmation. What's especially great is that it works with a white label. If your andcards Suite is customized with your coworking space brand, all application emails will contain your logotype. Bingo!

Of course, the whole process works well via mobile apps, so your coworking space members will always have benefits on their fingertips.

Analyzing Membership Benefits

One of the best advantages of an organized benefit application process is the ability to gather insights into which benefits people use the most. Use the Download Statistics button to download a detailed report on benefit applications. It allows to understand the frequency at which benefits are used, which categories are the most popular, so that you can give members what they want.


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