The Best 8 Ways To Promote Your Coworking Space Online


The main problem for modern coworking space is that potential customers are not well aware of the very existence of such places. In order to become recognizable among the number of places in which freelancers get used to work, you’d need to take some steps for your own online visibility. And here is the moment where the best ways to promote coworking spaces can be useful for you. Coworking software for more flexible and effective work is one of them — but let’s also talk about other opportunities.

How Can You Make Your Coworking Space Popular Online?

First, you’d need to split your promotion activities into two groups:

Start With Link-Building

You should also consider link-building as one of the most long-term ways to become a popular expert in coworking space world:

Which Tools Can You Use For Link-Building?

Use Online Ads — But Do It Wisely

If your coworking space is already well-known, but you still want to attract new resident groups in certain regions or city / country where your coworking space or network of spaces is located, you should consider online advertising. There are several ways to do it:

Let’s consider some of the alternative PR tools as your next step for promotion of your coworking space.

Creating Events In Social Networks

If there's something happening in your coworking space, people should know about it — the more who know, the better. There are several improvements which you should make while creating events on Facebook:

Positive impressions about your space from the comments of those who visited will be widespread across Facebook, Twitter or other social networks which sometimes works better than paid ads.

Adding Your Coworking Space To Online Lists and Catalogs

There are websites which gather information on popular coworking spaces and share them to the online audience: it’s usually blogs and websites dedicated to digital nomads, freelancers working remotely as well as online media about tech, startups and remote work-life. These websites regularly compile and update their lists of popular coworking spaces in certain countries.

You should contact the admins or representatives of such websites or blogs to fill them in about your coworking space and thus, have it added to their list.

However, there’s a simpler option — you can add your coworking space to the list of coworking spaces in which is a large international directory of coworking spaces.

Working Harder On Search Engine (SEO) And Social Media (SMO) Optimization

If your coworking space has a regularly updated website, you should find out if your website meets the criteria for search engine optimization (SEO).

Alternate image captions, image descriptions, search phrases and keywords, properly hash-tagged pages, titles, subtitles, texts, and media content helps in giving your site a significant boost among search engines.

After all, when a website is SEO optimized, it ranks higher on Google search page results.

The same is true for Facebook, Twitter, Yelp and LinkedIn as the use of hashtags, high quality images and original texts relevant to the target audience gives your content wider reach on social media.

Which Tools Can You Use For SEO?

You can also read about SEO tools and select the best for you in TechRadar Blog.

Creating Separate Landing Pages For Those Who Have Not Become Your Customers Yet

You should create a landing page with service offerings for individual freelancers or teams looking for coworking spaces in your area.

Landing page promotions and creation of these popular one-page websites with a fast 1-click-to-get buttons and forms for instant seats booking in your coworking space would be a good tool in strengthening your major ad or SEO campaign.

Build a Perfect Coworking Resident Experience

No matter how well you promote your coworking space online, if you don't have a workspace people will love, members will not stay for too long. In addition to regular things like interior, events, and filled coffee machine, an easy to use digital platform is required to help members stay connected, book meeting space, and pay for coworking membership. Nobody likes to figure out complex software or having to remember login and password for yet another website. Putting your coworking space into your members' pockets means they'll have to login just once, and will always receive your important announcements and push-reminders about meetings.

If you're not using andcards yet, check it out! It saves time, helps in increasing the level of productivity and profitability of your coworking space and allows you set up regular communication with your guests and permanent coworking space residents. Schedule a demo call with our team, and ask any questions!


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