The Best App for Managing Coworking Spaces


DOERS is a unique space in Ramos Mejía, Buenos Aires with community jobs, landlines and private offices for entrepreneurs, start-ups, creatives, professionals and all those who transform their ideas into reality.

"For DOERS Coworking, the andcards application is ideal for managing shared spaces and coworking. It is simple, visual, at a very competitive price and has all the necessary tools without overloading with data that is often not very relevant. It has an internal communication feed, the members are added easily and quickly. I recommend it 100%."

Results of andcards adoption

"I saved several hours a week by allowing members to reserve the meeting rooms themselves with the andcards mobile application."

Favorite feature

"Using the Kiosk application to view meeting room reservations helped us create a WOW effect and attract the attention of potential customers and increase member happiness."

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