Top Coworking Spaces in Poland


So you have made up your mind to join 'team coworking Poland' and not 'team traditional office space'? Good, now let's find you a perfect coworking space to suit your business.

A coworking space is a shared office space with several members that usually don't work for the same organizations but share the same core values. The coworking concept is based on mutual respect and not the typical hierarchic corporate setup.

The top 16 coworking spaces in Poland are listed here according to the city they are situated, so you may make an educated decision.

O4 Coworking, Gdansk

Photo by Clockwork

Coworking in Poland is fun, and the best part of it is that there's always a space that suits your business best.

O4 coworking space has incredible features to offer, so much that the usual free coffee and speedy Wi-Fi pales in comparison to an actual hardware lab. So as a tech startup, unable to adequately fund your business, O4 has you covered. You enjoy the services of a 3D printer, a microscope, soldering iron and more.

Great place to start your own tech company.

O4 coworking photos, video, location, pricing

Labour, Warsaw

Photo by Labour

If you like to work and relax at the same time, Labour coworking space is perfect for you. The office is professional and it also has provision for your warm coffee breaks.

It's a pet-friendly place; you'll have access to free Wi-Fi and printing. If you are working solo, or in a group, there's provision for you, even for presentation projection. The most exciting thing about them, however, is that they offer free membership, so yea, you may join without paying a dime.

Labour coworking photos, video, location, pricing

Clockwork, Warsaw

Photo by Clockwork

As the nation's capital, Warsaw is a city known for its astonishing looks, and Clockwork coworking space gives you an opportunity to enjoy this as well.

Clockwork has two offices located in Warsaw and a third in Poznan. Members of this office space may enjoy the services of coaching rooms, common rooms and a host of other typical coworking facilities. There's enough parking space and the office space also grants its members easy access if they follow public transports.

It is a perfect start point for freelancers and digital marketers looking to have a reputable business identity.

Clockwork coworking photos, video, location, pricing

Sobusy, Warsaw

Photo by Sobusy

This office has two outlets in Warsaw, depending on what your taste is like; one is set up within a classic Gothic environment, with modern enhancements like Wi-Fi, while the other is a full-fledged modern design. Both of these offices offer 24/7 access to your professional working space with complete infrastructure. Here, your social life would be intact and so would be your professional life, you'd even enjoy a 50% discount on renting meeting rooms, all just for a token.

Sobusy coworking photos, video, location, pricing

Mindspace, Warsaw

Photo by Mindspace

To balance the feeling when members of the coworking Poland populace leaves the comfort of their homes, Mindspace offers the comfort of a cozy homely office in Koszyki Warsaw. The environment is quite relaxing and furnished, just like a typical living room.

Here you'd enjoy faster internet and you'd be free of utility charges, as it is already embedded in your monthly subscription. You may get a personal space if you are interested, thereby evading distractions from other coworkers.

Mindspace coworking photos, video, location, pricing

Reaktor, Warsaw

Photo by Reaktor

Reaktor coworking is a favorite office space for startups and freelancers who need like minds to check their ideas up against. The flowery environment offers the benefit of incredibly fast interne, and your beloved coffee. You'd also get access to the monthly Reaktor events organized by the owners. Here you meet incredible speakers and more like-minded coworkers. Access is just for a token.

Reaktor coworking photos, video, location, pricing

Topografie, Lodz

Photo by Topografie

As coworking in Poland became popular, Topografie, sometime in 2007 furnished the city of Lodz with a coworking space of its own.

The coworking space has thus aided the city in its gradual developments, by organizing urban games and history promoting educative programs.

Being a member of this office space gives your business a unique opportunity in the city. The coworkers here are known to take a deep interest in propagating a civic society and promoting democracy. So if that sounds anything like your area of interest I suggest you join this community.

Topografie coworking photos, video, location, pricing

Workplace 59, Lodz

Photo by Workplace 59

Here's another highly rated coworking space in Lodz. The decent downtown office space is well furnished with daily opening hours of 6 am to 11 pm, so you get to work as much as you wish. It has shower baths available for members that need it, perfect for cyclists.

The monthly due is quite affordable and the owners are very welcoming. The effects of these petty gestures go a long way to determine whether your business enjoys the benefits of your chosen coworking spaces to the fullest or not.

Workplace 59 coworking photos, video, location, pricing

Katodesk, Katowice

Photo by Katodesk

Welcome to Katodesk coworking space, where your professional outlet has a Playstation and a playground room with a giant mattress on the floor (if you often feel like having a quick nap).

Right in the middle of Katowice, this coworking space helps you focus, with a natural environmental outlook, it has a ZEN room completely floored green, and wooden walls by the sides.

However it's working hours are from 9 am till 5 pm, and it's only active during weekdays.

You still get free coffee though.

Katodesk coworking photos, video, location, pricing

Krzywa12, Katowice

Photo by Krzywa12

Centrally located in the heart of Katowice, Krzywa12 coworking space is about 100 meters from a bus station and a train station, which makes it easy to access.

There's provision for printing, showers, phone booths, virtual office, game room, speedy Wi-Fi and lots more. Your social meetings may even extend to the restaurants and cafés around if the space's meeting room is under use.

Young entrepreneurs and business veterans are welcome.

Krzywa12 coworking photos, video, location, pricing

Fabryka Sensu, Wroclaw

Photo by Fabryka Sensu

Tired of a traditional corporate environment?

Try Fabryka Sensu coworking space today.

Seated in the in the middle of commercial and academic activities, Fabryka Sensu offers its members an opportunity to be creative. It holds several rooms with varying capacities, to cater for your team, regardless of the numbers.

The usual free Wi-Fi is available, as well as a shared kitchen, complemented with a couple of restaurants in the area.

Fabryka Sensu coworking photos, video, location, pricing

Grobla7, Poznan

Photo by Grobla7

Grobla7 coworking space transformed a typical old building into a hybrid of the Gothic and modern design.

Members have options of sharing a large office space, having a dedicated desk or owning a micro-office. The space is pet-friendly, offers free coffee and blazing Wi-Fi. You also have access to weekend meetings and events as a member of Grobla7 coworking space.

The coworking Poland idea thus becomes a lot more fun with the availability of alcohol during working hours. This would have been quite the privilege if it were to be a traditional corporate environment.

Grobla7 coworking photos, video, location, pricing

Clockwork, Poznan

Photo by Clockwork

Here's the 3rd Clockwork coworking space coworking space in Poland. This office space meets the Clockwork template of quality coworking spaces. It was started in 2015 and its services include conference rooms and coaching rooms, it's open 24/7 and your access depends on your membership plan, which includes company start, copywriter, cowork, and freelance.

Your business meetings may be perfectly organized, with speedy internet, whiteboards, and projectors at your disposal.

Clockwork Poznan coworking photos, video, location, pricing

Bioro, Krakow

Photo by Bioro

"A professional home." — that would have been a perfect description for Bioro coworking space.

The relaxing atmosphere here, helps your mind fall deep into productive thinking, as you enjoy the view of the Vistula river and the castle raised above it. This coworking space offers Wi-Fi, scanning and printing, 24-hour service with access that's dictated by your membership plan. Coffee, shared kitchen, and chill-out lounge access are all still intact here.

Bioro coworking photos, video, location, pricing

Itechcloud, Krakow

Photo by Itechcloud

Although closed at weekends, Itechcloud coworking is another office space in Krakow with juicy offers.

It is bordered by a number of shops, restaurants, and bars, the special feature is the opportunity to rent the entire office.

For your official duties you have office rooms, meeting rooms and conference rooms at your disposal, and for self-care, you have showers, a shared kitchen and a bicycle parking lot. The usual Wi-Fi and coffee incentives are still present and being in a historical location, you'd have new contacts flowing in often.

Bioro coworking photos, video, location, pricing

Cluster, Krakow

Photo by Cluster

This is an office space specially designed for tech companies looking to enjoying the benefits of coworking spaces in Poland. The office space is open to all fields but it prides itself in having the best facilities to aid tech gurus in making remarkable progress.

Cluster coworking space is said to "buzz like a Beehive" 24/7, you have a choice to hot-desks or dedicated desks, both of which enjoy the provided connection, Wi-Fi and kitchen services alike.

Cluster coworking photos, video, location, pricing

So there they are; the top coworking spaces in Poland.

With this, you get to make an accurate choice of which coworking space to join.


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