Where to book a conference room in Seoul


If you're an entrepreneur, freelancer, or just visiting Seoul for a business trip and need to arrange a meeting, we've got you covered. Many coworking spaces in Seoul offer meeting room rental services. Prices and interiors vary, as there are great options for any taste or wallet. Read on for our top picks of coworking spaces with meeting rooms in Seoul.


MY WORKSPACE 1 is a shared office space, a popular variation of coworking space here in Seoul. It doesn't have hot desks but offers flexible plans for single entrepreneurs or small teams. MY WORKSPACE is proud of their customer service and the fact that they keep growing in a saturated business area of Gangnam. The place has everything: from usual printer and coffee bar, all the way to Chromecast-enabled TVs, AI speakers, and even a meeting room booking app. There is also an option to rent a conference room for up to 24 people.


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PeachTree Sinnonhyeon

PeachTree Sinnonhyeon is a cozy startup-friendly coworking space near Sinnonhyeon station, on the opposite end of Gangnam street. Although the overall coworking space is not too big, PeachTree offers a full range of services: hot desk, fixed desk, and even a private office. There are three meeting rooms, all available for reservation using a convenient PeachTree coworking membership app. If you become a member of the space by signing up for a membership plan, you can receive cute peaches 🍑 every month to book meeting rooms. PeachTree's central location in Gangnam means a lot of cafe, restaurants, and bars choices to relax after work. Thanks to an active community that feels like a family, chances are you won't be alone! 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦


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Rehoboth G Campus

Located in Sinchon area close to major university campuses, Rehoboth G Campus is easily accessible coworking space. Rehoboth is one of the largest shared office space companies in Korea, previously mainly focused on traditional offices rather than coworking style spaces.

G Campus has 60-70 seats, usually occupied up till 60%, especially at the second half of the day. It has the central area, a quiet space called seminar room, and "recharge area" with bean bags to stretch out or take a nap. G Campus is used mostly by students and digital nomads, however, the atmosphere is cozy and welcoming to all. The place is not noisy despite having background music. The staff is welcoming and speaks good English language. There are several fast wifi networks and passwords are easy to find on the signs around the place.

G Campus doesn't have an entrance fee, but it requires to buy a drink from the local cafe. The price level here is lower than at the chain coffee shops at Seoul. It also has a food menu with a variety of options from sandwiches to pasta.

For an extra fee, the place can offer printing services (BW: 30 Won; Color: 300 Won) as well as a retable locker (10000 Won/Month). There is also an option to rent a separate meeting room (5500 Won per hour). However, Rehoboth G Campus participates in Seoul city program for young entrepreneurs and lets you book the meeting room in advance and for free for two hours using government portal.


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Wyatt Space

Prepare to be impressed by the mid-century design and splendor of Wyatt Space coworking space located between Samseong and Seolleung stations. Wyatt Space offers a spacious and luxurious workspace and meeting room environment without being too pretentious. White, wood and gold and three essential hues that will impress anyone who accompanies you for a meeting.

Wyatt Space is brand new, and it means all facilities are virgin and ready to impress your visitors. The large meeting room can fit up to thirteen people and has comfy leather seats, a marble table, and a TV. The medium meeting room has seven seats, modern-looking plastic seats, a wooden table, and a TV. Both are available at a reasonable hourly rate for both residents as well as outside bookers.


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If you dare to visit DAIR, you'll find perhaps one of the most beautifully designed and unique coworking spaces. It's interior is full of light and bright hues. The coworking space is right next to Sadang station, a critical crossroads between all parts of Seoul, from where you could get to Gangnam or even Seoul Station in less than 30 minutes.

DAIR dares to be different from your average coworking space. The coworking space is divided into several zones. The hot desk zone is full of people and sometimes used as an event space. The lounge zone has everything you need to relax or even take a nap. DAIR has a large reception desk that doubles as a coffee bar. In front of it, there are two iMac-equipped editing rooms and one studio room with professional sound recording and broadcasting equipment. 🎙 If you're a blogger, media entrepreneur, or want to hang out with creative people, DAIR is the right place to go. If you're in just for a business meeting, however, Dair has a comfortable meeting room aka Conference Hall. All facilities are available to book using Dair coworking membership app.


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