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Managing early age startups is a difficult challenge and many of them are looking for mentorship and support. The solution for young entrepreneurs is to work with a startup accelerator—companies that offer education, mentorship, and financing support. Just like everywhere else, entrepreneurship in Korea has also become extremely popular. Even andсards was among those companies born through an accelerating program. Check out these interesting places in Seoul where startups and small companies can get accelerated. By the way, these places also run a coworking space, so if you haven't started your business yet, but you want to discover the Silicon Valley vibes in Seoul, you’re in the right direction!

Seoul Global Startup Center

Established in 2016, Seoul Global Startup Center (SGSC) is supporting starting entrepreneurs in Seoul specifically focusing on foreigners. The place has two floors and two types of membership. A "resident membership" is for startups accepted into accelerating program, which offers a free office for one year on the third floor, equity-free money grant, opportunities to pitch to investors and free coffee ☕️. For those who are looking for just a coworking space, SGSC offers so-called "access membership" on the fourth floor. Since the Center is funded by Seoul city government, the membership at Seoul Global Startup Center is free. Simple registration process gives you renewable three-month access to a coworking facility.

Startup education programs. SGSC invites different professional speakers that offer lectures on topics requested by resident startups. Coworking members can access those lectures as well. When I visited the place, there was a lecture on digital marketing basics by Christopher Shin, Chief Strategy Officer at Publicis Media and Grain bar Agency. The place also has a group of professional mentors, who give guidance to new entrepreneurs.

Networking opportunities. Coworking members can join networking events and get to know resident startups and fellow coworkers. At their events, you can meet resident startups like Almond Studio, VR Comet, Imagga, and many others, that have already gained recognition by Korean market and public. This is also a simple way to learn about the place and get here a residence that comes with seed money support and more opportunities for future growth.

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Hyundai Card Studio Black

Hyundai Card Studio Black is located right at the eye of Bussines Hurricane of Gangnam district. It's amazing interior design and variety of amenities creates a safe harbor for its members to design, innovate and grow. It has two types of memberships: Lounge and Studio. Lounge membership lets you casually work in an open space during specific service hours for the 5-day/10-day/1-month period. You also get to use Make&Printing or Mailbox and Locker for an extra price. Studio membership gives you access to modular offices that can be optimized to fit teams of 1-10 or special rooms for bigger teams. It also unlocks all the astounding amenities at the Hyundai Card Studio Black.

Supreme amenities. Hyundai Card Studio Black definitely gives you a full package of tools to flesh out your ideas. Moreover, among few of 24 hours a day coworking spaces in Seoul, only here we were able to find shower rooms. Some have resting areas, but this place recognizes that working overnight should not affect how fresh and presentable its members look.

Conect&Learn. Hyundai Card encourages network and synergy among members through knowledge-sharing and coaching programs like Hyundai Card Class, Happy Hour, Job Fair, I'm Chef, and Invitation Lunch.

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Located in the center of the Gangnam district, Naver D2 Startup Factory is a dreamland for tech startups in Seoul. This place is not just another coworking space. It is an accelerator that provides both a free workplace and a seed money to startups that work with technologies of the future.

Naver D2 Startup Factory can house teams of 2 to 6 people. Depending on startup’s size and needs there are areas with fixed desks and private offices. There are meeting rooms and huge lounge that often host events for members. Naver also offers its cloud service to all the members. The place also has Arcade Games and Ramen Making so the members could unwind after stressful hours of work.

Developer 2 Developer. Networking at Naver D2 Startup Factory contrasts from other coworking spaces. When startup enters D2 Startup it introduces itself. There are demo days when startups present themselves to the community. And finally, each startup is required to teach one lecture in the field of their expertise. In such way, Naver D2 Startup Factory promotes the role of learning from talented people that work alongside you.

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Gangnam style isn't limited to street fashion and exquisite food, as demonstrated by MY WORKSPACE 3 coworking space. Right at the Exit 5 of the Gangnam station, you'll be greeted with a high rise building called A++ Asset Tower. Inside it, there is a cool coworking space with hot desks as low as $10/day, affordable private offices, and smart meeting rooms, and, most importantly, a blockchain accelerator space project "Cryptospace."

MY WORKSPACE 3 feels modern. Chromecast-enabled TVs? Check. Google Home virtual AI assistant? Check. Coworking membership app with a booking system for meeting rooms and a smart lock? Check! It feels like the future has already arrived there. 👾 At MY WORKSPACE 3, you can get work done quickly without bothering anyone else.

The "Cryptospace" project will help you accelerate your blockchain project in South Korea and connect to coin exchanges. You can even pay for your office space with tokens. Cryptospace is perhaps the first blockchain focused accelerator in Korea, so if your project is in that field, make sure to drop by.

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